The Hottest Trend For 2014: Confidence

It’s official: 2014 is here! This means that everyone is making a New Year’s resolution. It might be to raise your GPA, be a “better person” (Whatever the heck that means, right?), or—the infamous and most widespread resolution—to lose weight. Sometimes, the pressure to make a resolution and stick with it can be overwhelming. The problem with these self-professed pacts is that they often require changing oneself in one form or another. But here’s the good news: you can make a New Year’s Resolution that doesn’t require changing who you are! Here’s my challenge to you: let’s call it the “Style Challenge,” shall we? Instead of changing your personal style or altering your diet/exercise to fit in the “season’s hottest clothes,” try being comfortable in your own skin. Find clothes that flatter your figure and make you feel confident. True style is not merely about what you see when you look in a mirror; it’s about having confidence and using your wardrobe to reflect the best parts of yourself. Here are some tips for finding outfits that are sure to flatter your shape and help you put your best self out there!

If you’re:


Being “fun-sized” myself, I know that it is extremely difficult to find pants that aren’t annoyingly long, or clothes that don’t make me look like a twelve-year-old. But don’t despair! Being petite means that you can pull off tons of outfits that others can’t. These helpful hints are guaranteed to show off your shape—and hopefully boost your confidence! As far as tops go, stay away from long, baggy sweaters and blouses. They completely swallow you up! Opt for crop tops instead. Try pairing a sheer, loose-fitting crop top with high-waisted, fitted pants; I would suggest jeggings or skinny jeans. Also, make sure that the pants you choose are either “Petite” or “Short.” Otherwise, they’ll bunch-up around the ankles which can make you look sloppy. Another great solution is crop pants; I’ve found that they are the perfect length when “Petite” or “Short” labels are in short-supply. Want to dress up? No worries! The best thing about being somewhat vertically-challenged is that you can get away with shorter hemlines—in fact, the shorter the dress, the longer your legs will look! Stick with dresses that fall above the knee. Flapper dresses and shirt-dresses are some of my favorites to wear. Generally, however, A-line dresses are the most flattering for petites.



Don’t let stick-figured runway models err your confidence; curves are in! Celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence and Jordin Sparks embrace their womanly figures—and they look good doing it. So, don’t conceal your curves; flaunt them! When you’re shopping for shirts and blouses, look for tops with asymmetrical cuts, such as cross-overs or wraps. Stay away from large, bold prints and tops without structure. Instead, look for tops that are fitted around the middle and flow out at the hips to draw attention to your waistline. Color-blocking is another great technique. Wear tops with a lighter top half and darker bottom half. When purchasing bottoms, stick to pants with a classic, sleek style. Boot-cut or straight-leg pants are usually best for women with an hourglass, apple, or pear shape. Again, stay away from large, flashy patterns. If you’re looking for pants with a little more flare, delicate, subtle prints are usually best (And you can wear them with a wider variety of tops!). Whether you have plans for a girls’ night or a first date, opt for dresses with an asymmetrical or bias cut. Look for dresses and pencil skirts that are no shorter than knee length. Again, make sure that your dressy garb is fitted at the middle in order to show off your knock-out shape!


Let’s face it, you’re the envy of every other woman on the face of the earth—even if you don’t know it yourself. What most women don’t realize is that being “long and lean” comes with its own fashion challenges, such as finding clothes that are both long enough and fitted enough at the same time. But fear not! Here are some solutions that will flatter your figure and make heads turn! Look for tops that fall at or below the waist. Long, flowing cardigans that cover the hip and thigh are an ideal—and comfy—choice for the Amazons of the world. Pair your cardigan with a fitted, sleeveless top that falls just below the waistline of your pants. This nifty little trick makes your tall frame more proportionate by balancing out the length of your torso and legs. Peplum tops are another fashion trend that look especially flattering on tall women; the fit-and-flare structure adds more of an hourglass shape while balancing out the length of your torso. When looking for bottoms, make sure that they are sized as “Long.” You never want to risk wearing pants that are too short because they cut off the length of your legs, which you should be showing off! Make sure that your pants are at least long enough to cover your ankles. To add a more womanly shape to your bottom half, buy jeans that are made of thicker material—that means no stretch-fabric. The best part of being tall is that you can rock maxi dresses and maxi skirts for an evening out on the town. Patterned dresses are usually better for tall women because they add shape and dimension. However, if you’re more of a neutral girl, make sure you accessorize with jewelry to vamp up your look.

It’s a new year, which means it’s time for a new attitude. Don’t dwell on all of the things you’d like to change about yourself. Instead, make a pact to focus on all of the things you like, the things that make you unique. Make 2014 your year! Be outgoing, be fierce, and be confident!

*All images are courtesy of Bing Images and Google Images.