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What It Really Means To Live A Healthy Lifestyle

Having a healthy lifestyle does not just mean eat only salads and hit the gym everyday.  It is so much more than that.

Having a healthy lifestyle is to block out all the negativity. Now, we all know how hard that is to do being in college and seeing something that stresses you out around every corner.  But here’s a little advice to get through the stress and negativity:


As cheesy as that sounds, take deep breaths and think of how to turn that negativity into positivity.  For example, that moment when you have a paper due soon but you cannot type because your mind is on the fact that paper is due soon!? AND THEN you start to pile on what you have to do after that and after that?

Just breathe. Take in one slow, deep breath and turn that thought into, “I’ll get it done, no worries, just do what you have to do.”  This way, you aren’t stressing yourself out by telling yourself everything needed to be done, you are just saying you will get it done.

There is a little saying I here a lot as well: “a student in motion stays in motion…”  I took this as to keep active even after my classes because I know the second I lay down, start eating and watching TV it’s Game Over.  Stay in motion! Studies show that exercise increases mental focus so go for a walk, hit the gym, or go do something fun like bowling or ping pong at the Lair! Not only does that touch on a healthy lifestyle, but you will be in motion and feel refreshed and active after a day of classes.  It should make it easier to sit down and do homework afterwards with all that momentum.

Hi, my name is Vanessa and I am a Fashion Merchandising major. I also am a Fourth Degree Black Belt martial artist with aspirations of becoming an actress/model! I joined HerCampus because I love absolutley everything about the website such as beauty, fitness, lifestyle, relationship advice, and keeping up with celebrities! I enjoy reading all these articles and I hope you enjoy reading mine.
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