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Movies and Shows to Channel your Inner Girl Boss

Over the years it’s clear to see that women have made their stride towards independence perfectly clear in society. It’s amazing how much has changed and has been gained in such a short amount of time. In these times of progression for the future to be female it’s easy to feel inspired but are you inclined to do better? Here are five movies/shows to get you into the swing of being the boss babe you know you are.



Simply Complicated (2017)

Simply Complicated is the documentary and heartfelt story of how singer and actress Demi Lovato conquered her addictions, disorders, and diseases over the years. The YouTube Original film gives the raw and emotional details of what it’s like to learn from your mistakes, adjust to bumps in the road, and take control of your life for the better. Be prepared to laugh, ugly cry, and feel truly inspired. Like seriously, Tell Me You Love Me is the final song of the film... you can’t say I didn’t warn you about the feels.




The Intern (2015)  

This comedy-drama film is the story of seventy-year-old widower Ben Whittaker (Robert De Niro), a retired executive from DEX One, who applies to senior citizen intern program after retirement has become too boring for him. He receives the position of a senior intern with a fast- growing e-commerce fashion startup company and is assigned to founder and CEO, Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway). Jules is a mother, a wife, but more importantly a businesswoman. The comedy talks about the stigmas of gender and age within the workplace but also how to unapologetically be a boss. Again, you’re going to laugh, cry, curse, smile, and wish you were already working a big kid job. The Intern makes you realize that it’s true, experience never gets old.




Girlboss (2016)


Girlboss is the Netflix series based on OG girl boss, Sophia Amoruso, and her autobiography #Girlboss that tells the story of how she started the company, Nasty Gal. This hilarious series recreates the almost truth of a misfit who discovers her passion for fashion while becoming a bad ass businesswoman in the process. Girlboss gives you the inspiration and motivation to work for what you want while also teaching you not to take anyone’s shit in the meantime. Sophia is the badass we pray we’ll become, so watch and learn because you’re about to fall in love.




Erin Brockovich (2000)  

This biographical film tells the true story of Erin Brockovich (Julia Roberts) an unemployed single mother of three. Brockovich, desperate to find a way to make a living and provide for her family turns to a previous lawyer for a job doing anything she can at his firm. After accepting the job as a legal assistant, she soon finds herself uncovering a potentially huge case. Erin Brockovich is the true comeback kid story of a troubled lover turned driven working-woman who decided she could be who everyone thought she couldn’t. This feel-good story is better than the average and is sure to give you the confidence to be better than you used to be, regardless of your past.




The Devil Wears Prada (2006)


The Devil Wears Prada is the story of smart, sensible, recent journalism graduate, Andy Sachs (Anne Hathaway). Sachs lands the job “any girl would kill for” as a co-assistant to Miranda Priestly, a powerful fashion magazine editor in New York City. Throughout this heartfelt comedy, Priestly and Sachs duel it out through several different instances on whether Sachs is the woman for the job. I swear y’all will be yelling at the screen “WE WERE ROOTING FOR YOU ANDY, WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU!!” More importantly, however, you’ll realize that you can stay true to your roots while becoming the boss you’ve always wanted to be.



My name's Kayla, but I prefer Kay. I'm a senior public relations major with an emphasis in event planning and a minor in political science. I enjoy iced vanilla chais from Dunkin, sleepy voices, and people with great Instagram aesthetics / Spotify playlists. I'm a sister of AOII, the strategic communications intern for the WVU Student Life communications office, a coffee slingin barista at Tutto Gelato Cafe, and a writer for the local magazine club. Life's short, talk fast. 
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