The Guide To Living Your Best Life Possible

The only way to be your best self is to realize what you are missing in your life and to have awareness of what you need and want from life. Your health and happiness should be your first priority. In the end, it isn’t about perfection, it’s about figuring out what kind of morals you set for yourself. Aim to be the girl that you were before someone made you feel uncomfortable for being yourself, don’t bite your tongue or hesitate. Go ahead and make conversation with that one person and try out new things that you’ve postponed, it may seem like the world will lash out at you and you’ll cripple at embarrassment but you won’t, you’ll be a stronger person and find yourself along the way.



1.    Stop making excuses for yourself and others in your life.

Making excuses for yourself is the main cause of procrastination and the reason there isn’t control in your life. Making excuses for others rewards their behavior and they will never treat you the way you want them to unless you speak your mind to them and make sure they understand where you are coming from.

2.    Be mindful.

Have awareness of your state of mind and how the people you interact with treat the others around you and yourself. 

3.    Eat better and work out.

Live a healthier life not to look good for someone, but to live a better life. Working out and eating better will fuel you with energy. Working out sets off dopamine in your body which will boost your confidence and have you feeling better all day long. Working out is also great if you need to de-stress. West Virginia University offers group fitness classes at the Student Recreation center which would be a great way to try out yoga or another exercise of your choice.

4.    Start a routine.

Starting a routine will keep you on track and will give you more control over your life. Start by planning out your goals and make a plan to achieve them, by doing so you will create habits of being more proactive in life and can say goodbye to procrastination. 

5.    Appreciate the happy moments.

Staying positive is the best thing you can do for yourself. Not everything goes perfectly, but if you have an optimistic mentality in life then it will be easier to overcome hardships.