Best Destinations to Travel to on a Budget

ALOHA BEACHES! It’s hard being a college kid. We have overflowing minds full of ideas, but an empty bank account. Here are five places that will fulfill your getaway needs on a budget.


1. Cherry Springs State Park

This state park is known as an amazing stargazing spot due to its dark skies. You can rent a tent space for as little as $15 a night to sleep under the stars. In July the park provides Public Stargazing Programs that you can sign up for as well.



2. Ontario, Canada

If you’re an East Coast resident, you can drive to Niagra Falls instead of paying for expensive flights. It’s a huge tourist spot, so there are many things to do for not a lot of money. There are boat tours that take you right up to the Falls, multiple shopping opportunities, and endless food options. This is a great option for college kids being that the drinking age is 18, so there will always be exciting nightlife.



3. San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

This is a small city within the state of Guanajuato known for their great art scene and fun nightlife. Mexico is a budget-friendly place to travel since the Mexican peso is historically low, allowing you to explore the city on a budget.



4. Wildwood, NJ or Ocean City, MD

Another bonus for us East Coasters, we’re always close to a beach! New Jersey and Maryland have great beaches for college kids to live it up on without long and expensive flights. Another plus to these East Coast beaches is the insanely cheap motels you can find! You’ll never have a dull moment with the exciting nighttime entertainment on the boardwalk including Ferris wheels, food, and games.



5. Cancun, Mexico

This option will probably be on the more expensive side of this budget-friendly list, but the clear blue water ocean will totally be worth it! You can save tons of cash by booking an all-inclusive trip with a group, and will probably end up getting a bigger bang for your buck if you take full advantage of the bottomless food and drinks. Most all-inclusive packages offer crazy deals for groups, so get your girlfriends together for a beach trip!