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The 10 Emotional Stages of Spring Break

Stage 1: Motivated

The motivation for the Spring Break bod starts right after winter break. And by the signs of the parking at the rec center, everyone has this motivation.

Stage 2 : Hangery

Hangry is a state of being where you are so hungry you become angry. This emotion occurs after Insomnia Cookies opens on campus but you are forcing yourself to eat Kale instead. Yum!

Stage 3: Annoyed

This is usually about a week before Spring Break, when tests and papers are piling up and you have no focus to finish them. You also are tired of your roommates, the weather, and your boring professor. The break can’t come soon enough. 

Stage 4: Giddy

It has been the only thing discussed for the past three months with your friends, and the time is finally here. Get me to PCB!

Stage 5: Excited

Excited, pumped, ecstatic, thrilled all describe the first cold drink you have! Cheers to Spring Break! 

Stage 6: Confident

Now this emotion can influence a lot. Your confidence may make you think your moves are good enough to win a dance contest, or that you can do a flip into the pool. This can make you a spring break celeb, or another victim of a belly flop. 

Stage 7: Wounded

Wounded can be interpreted in many ways, and usually happens around day 3. It can be your cherry red sun burn, the pure exhaustion of not sleeping the previous nights, but most likely from something embarrassing you did. 

Stage 8: Hopeful

Your second wind hits and you are ready for another day on the beach. Give me a Pina Colada or give me death!

Stage 9: Drained


It’s the end of the week, and much like your bank account, your body has nothing left in it. 

Stage 10: Nostalgic

This may hit you as soon as you get home, or years later when you look back at your college years, but there will be a time where you have a sentimental longing to be back on that beach with your friends. (Also, this stage is when you TBT it on Instagram.)

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