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Fighting the Sophomore Slump

You’re almost halfway through your degree and you are in the awkward phase of college. You are two years away from high school and two years away from the real world. Midterms just slapped you in the face, and now you are running out of steam. But wait, there’s more! You’re about to be an upperclassman, and that comes with another layer of responsibility! Don’t worry, though. Read more to find out how to fight the dreaded sophomore slump. 


Really? This Is College?

Freshman year feels like yesterday. That very first move-in day or commute to class seems so recent. But those days and especially high school days are long gone, and maybe the novelty of college has worn off, too. Maybe you are three coffees deep into an essay due in three hours, or maybe your roommate has kicked you out for the fourth time this week for some alone time with her boyfriend. That longing for the simplicity of your childhood can really pull you down. You may be sick of college life.

Although that feeling of elderliness is hard to kick, becoming bored of college is something that can be changed! Join a new club, go to the events on campus, volunteer, attend local concerts, or even just study in a place you have never studied before. These little things can reinvigorate your excitement for college because it switches up your daily routine and disrupts that awful monotony that can come from a predictable schedule. Just remember, you still have so much of your youth left! Enjoy your time here!


Bye, High School Friends

By now, it has been close to two years since you have seen your high school friends on a regular basis. Many high school friendships rely upon seeing one another every day, and once you stop doing that, the relationship tends to fade. You may even realize that you don’t even hang out with your closest friends from high school once you start making friends in college.  

It is okay to let the more casual friendships go. It is also okay to let the closer ones go, too. Just because you have made new friends does not mean you are leaving your old friends behind. And even if you do, you must accept that things change. Your schedule changes, your life changes, and you change. It is possible that you outgrow people and your lifestyles don’t align anymore. You are allowed to remove the people and things that you feel no longer improve your life or your personal growth. 


Did I Choose the Right Major?

Most majors take the majority of their UCC courses in their freshman year, and sophomore year is when they really start to dive into their majors. However, what if you don’t actually like the major-related classes you are taking? Or worse, what if the job market is looking bleak for people in your major? 

If you are feeling some kind of uncertainty about your major, take a step back. Why did you choose this major? Is it because it is your passion? Is it because the jobs are typically high paying? Did someone or something pressure you into being this major? Talk to your parents, friends, advisors, and professors. Once you converse with others and take a good look inside yourself, then you will truly know whether you have chosen the right major.  



After just learning what your major is really all about, now you have to get internships to gather experience for the workforce. Most of them will be unpaid, and many will still have the nerve to ask for full-time. Many opportunities will be in New York City, so if you are not comfortable with the city or commuting, then now is the time to familiarize yourself with public transit and the geography of the city. 

Unless you are very forward-thinking, or you happen to already have relevant experience for your internships, you may feel a little lost when trying to find one that matches your qualifications. Often, you have to have had an internship to get another internship. Schedule an appointment with your advisor so they can help guide you towards internships. Also, the Career Development Center here on campus will help you assemble a resume that will display your best qualities and most applicable experience so you can snag that internship or job you want.  



Sophomore year can be a low point for many people in their college careers. Every day may leave you wondering, “When’s graduation? Why am I even here?” However, don’t let college just be High School 2.0. Don’t just go to class and then go home. Become aware of how you are taking advantage of the resources and activities available here and in the surrounding areas. Get involved, get internships, and make sure you are actively pursuing your dreams.  

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