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9 Stages Every College Student Experience During Midterms

BEWARE! Midterms are approaching! On your campus you might find zombified student reluctantly trudging around campus as they await their impending doom. Midterms are no joke. Years ago, some sick and twisted mind thought it would be a marvelous idea to put cram all exams, projects, and papers in the same week and hold college students accountable to taking them. During midterms week and the weeks leading up to them you might experience some anxiety, hopelessness, fatigue and failure. Fear not! Everyone goes through this and it’s just an obstacle we all have to overcome. We will conquer these midterms together and we will survive this semester. On that note, sit back, relax, and laugh at what you will be experiencing for the next few weeks!

1. Yes we’ve all been there. The sudden realization that you’re halfway through the semester and that only means that midterms are coming soon. Time to stock up on energy drink, coffee, and endless allnighters!



2. When your Professor is going over the midterm annd you suddenly realize they might be Satan’s spawn.

3. That feeling when you start studying for your midterm.



4. When reality sets in. Sometimes you have goals to be a successful human being, then life decides to pay a visit and ruin everything



5. When your brain fails you. How can this organ have the nerve keep me awake at 3 am remembering an embarassing moment that took place over 5 years ago, but it refuses to absorb the information I have been pouring into it for the last 24 hours.



6. When your professors and everyone else in your life underestimate your cramming skills.


7. Receiving the first midterm and realizing you know nothing. You know you’ve messed up when you learn something on a midterm.


8. When you’re halfway through your midterms. Your soul is being restored. Your youth is coming back. Feelings of self-loathing and hopelessness are leaving you. THERE IS HOPE!


9. Finally, the sigh of relief released knowing that you won’t have to deal with this…until finals week!


On behalf of HerCampus WPUNJ, we would like to wish Willy P students and students across the world the best of luck on their midterms! Make it a great semester!







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