5 Ways to Calm Down During Finals

Everyone gets it: stress during finals. Did you study enough? Did you sleep enough? Did you turn everything in? Are you eating? But I’m here to tell you how to give yourself a break during finals week.


1) Take study breaks.

If you’re studying for multiple hours, make sure to take breaks. Your brain needs a few minutes without cramming information in, and you need a few minutes to indulge on social media, or maybe even an episode of Netflix.

2) Get enough sleep.

If you’re not sleeping enough prior to finals week, then you won’t sleep enough during finals week. During a big exam you need to be well rested, because that’s when you’re at your best, and whatever you do do not pull an allnighter the day of the test.

3) Start studying now and not the week of finals.

If you are usually a last minute studier, that’s okay, but during finals you should start studying before hand, since the exam is such a large part of the grade in most cases. Studying before means no cramming the week of, so there’s less stress.

4) Study somewhere else.

Take your friends to iHop, a coffee shop, or even just a different part of where you usually go. The library is always crazy busy, and it’s not necessarily the best place to study for you. Try somewhere new, and it’ll feel less like studying because you’re somewhere new.

5) Eat healthy foods.

During finals week the last thing anyone wants to do is eat healthy, but eating all the unhealthy ‘study snacks’ aren’t going to make you feel better. Most unhealthy foods will make you bloated or tired, which are two things you don’t want to feel during finals week.


Make sure you take care of yourself this finals week. Your grades will thank you.