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Social Media Spotlight: Therapist Nedra Tawwab

Have you ever heard of a social media therapist? I didn’t either until I stumbled upon an Instagram page of a licensed therapist Nedra Tawwab. There I found posts about mental health reminders, tools for setting healthy boundaries in relationships, and so much more. This page and others like it help contribute to a new realm of social media, that in my opinion can be very beneficial and accessible. So, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite posts from Nedra’s page that have helped my mental health and relationships in my life, both with myself and others. 

Overall, Nedra’s page has helped me so much in my personal life and with the people around me. I feel like I’m getting extra tools to use with what I’ve learned so far in therapy. I encourage everyone to check out her page to continue to learn more about mental health resources, individual growth, and setting healthy boundaries in relationships. 

Hi! I'm Elizabeth and I am a member of the class of 2024 at W&M. I plan on majoring in Geology with a minor in Marine Science. On campus I am also involved in the W&M Choir and the Marine Science Society! In my free time I love: to read, cook & bake, find new music to listen to, and spend lots of time on Pinterest!
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