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Four Ways to Amp Up Your Zoom Class Experience: Spring Semester Edition

As a lot of us are returning to campus and preparing for the strenuous semester ahead, there is a universal dread associated with the draining Zoom classes that are awaiting us. Many of us, myself included, feel anxious and unmotivated to put our best foot forward everyday when we are faced with a screen. However, in order to have the most productive semester yet, there are four things that could be put into practice to start your Zoom classes out right. 


  1. Dress For The Best

Obviously the common thought surrounding clothes when preparing for Zoom is the sweatpants-sweatshirt combo. It's comfortable and familiar. However, this can still leave our minds in a mentality associated with sleep and tiredness. So my recommendation is to pick out an outfit that you feel confident and comfortable in. This can be your favorite pair of leggings, a dress, or a shirt that makes you happy. Changing your outfit can really help you transition from sleep and nighttime to work and daytime. 


  1. Reset and Recharge

Lately with the world going haywire and the pandemic seeming terrifying, mental health can oftentimes take the brunt of all of the negativity. Zoom also doesn’t help, with the lack of human interaction and the fatigue of screens. So a reset and recharge period is essential to easing a stressed mind. I personally used Headspace, a great app with tons of guided meditations for day and night use. They also have a discounted membership for students (only $10/year) that gives you access to all content. It’s fabulous and gives your mind an easy action to relax. 


  1. Treat Yourself 

After a long period at the computer, my brain definitely feels fried and my natural instinct is to sleep. However, during super busy days, that’s not always an option. So to get a breath of fresh air and walk a bit after sitting down for so long, treat yourself to some candy at Student Exchange or a coffee at Swemromas/ The Daily Grind. It forces you to move from your typical spot and you get a warm treat afterwards. 


  1. Change of Scenery

When Zoom can be monotonous and seems to drag on for hours, the perfect solution is easier than you think. A change of scenery, even within your house or apartment, can be refreshing and help you reset your mind. I like to move to the porch if I’ve been sitting at the dinner table for too long, or I go to an academic building on campus and sit in one of the study rooms there. The change can allow you to reevaluate the goals you want to achieve for that day and keep the productivity.


With all of my tips in mind, remember that your health and wellness is most important. If you need to cry, journal, nap, or exercise, do it. Sometimes taking a break is the best thing versus overworking yourself. 



Hi! I'm Veda, a junior at William & Mary. I'm an anthropology major and I love writing. I'm part of HerCampus to amplify womxn's voices and explore new topics!
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