The Stages of Midterms as Told by the Green Bay Packers

Every student knows that it's time to gear up for midterms once the first week of October rolls around — only to let it tear us back down. As students who live in Wisconsin (aka. Packers fans), here are some of our idols taking us through the stages of midterms.


1. The night before a major cram

Illness, sleep deprivation and, most likely, dehydration are all working against you. You desperately want to just crawl into bed and silently calculate whether or not your current grade can afford a C.

2. You and your friends hyping each other up right before the test

Whether it’s your best friend from high school or a classmate you just met, it’s common courtesy to pump each other up before your professor passes out the scantron.

3. Opening the exam and realizing you don’t know the answer to the first question

You flash that side glance to your friend after reading question number one because you have no idea what it’s even asking.

4. But then the professor shows mercy

Despite uncertainties about previous questions, you can’t help but feel slightly giddy when you see an exam question taken off the study guide word-for-word.

5. Turning in your scantron and looking at the proctor like...

“Have fun grading that!”

6. When someone texts you that grades are posted

The room suddenly gets five degrees hotter, your heart rate increases rapidly, and you know deep down that you really don’t want to look.

7. And the grade was not what you expected

Even though you were unsure about some questions, you didn’t think you did that poorly.

8. But then you remember the grades get curved

By some stroke of luck, you’re close to the average — all is well in the world again.

9. Plus, the weekend is coming...

No matter what percentage you’re getting in your classes, it's always a relief when you realize that you'll finally get a minute to breathe — and not have to study all day in the library.

10. ... Which means Badger football on Saturday and Green Bay Packers on Sunday!

On, Wisconsin! Go Pack Go!


We hope that you all did as well as the Packers did against the Cowboys last Sunday (Rodgers to Adams with about 10 seconds left!). For those of you who still have to suffer through a few more exams, we wish you luck!