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How I am Beating “Spring Slump”

With spring in full swing, I have noticed myself facing a wall of lacking motivation, creativity and overall energy with school and life. As the semester is closing in on the last crucial weeks of material, I feel I have lost some of my momentum to do well and also my determination to want to do well; I am sure I am not alone. I feel this happens to a lot of people after a long, cold, Wisconsin winter and with warm weather finally saying hello. We all want to get outside and escape from the regular things we are supposed to be doing, causing a lack of motivation in our daily routines. With that, here are a few ways I am beating the infamous “spring slide.” 

Taking time to rest

Resting is as important if not more important than anything else. Sometimes the body really just needs a little recharge before it’s ready for the next day, the next week, even the next month. Rest recharges the body but also the mind. A 20 minute nap can really be re-energizing and really beneficial when it comes to time management, goal setting, personal reflection and… ultimately checking off your to do list!

Subscription boxes
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Subscription boxes are a great way to treat yourself to something a little special and a little surprising. I have been a huge fan of Birchbox, a beauty/makeup subscription box, for years. I look forward to receiving my box every month to be surprised with what products are inside. It’s a fairly inexpensive way to treat yourself and there are hundreds of options from beauty, art, snacks, movies, etc. subscription type boxes out there in the market that are suitable for literally any type of interest. I love trying and testing the products and I find it refreshing and just a little something exciting to have awaiting me after a busy day or week.


Cooking has been a major creative outlet as well as a way to spend time with myself (and family) this past winter and spring. We all have to eat, so might as well make it something enjoyable! I have found that planning out a few recipes a week that I am excited to try helps me schedule my time and also stay motivated to get through my daily routine to look forward to cooking in the evening. Setting aside that hour or hour and a half at night instead of scrolling through social media has helped me feel like I am being intentional and purposeful about learning about ingredients and cooking processes while also properly fueling my body. Plus, added bonus, homemade meals always taste so much better after you have spent the time to put love into them! 


Going on walks have been another small little activity I have incorporated into my daily routine as a break from studying and school and also to get my body moving just a little. I think it’s so important to get outside even for a few minutes a day especially when it’s sunny. Vitamin D is the ultimate healer in my opinion! I always feel so much more energized and focused after having just a little sun exposure on my skin and I think it is really beneficial when feeling unmotivated and uncharged in a slump. Little amounts of movement have helped breakup my day from being and feeling like all I do is sit at a desk and stare at my computer screen with online classes and the digital world we live in. 

Decluttering & Cleaning

The last thing I have been doing to beat the “spring slump” is decluttering my spaces. Decluttering and cleaning out my closet, room, bathroom, desk, etc. has given me a fresh start and made me feel more motivated to wake up every morning with an intention to complete my work. As Marie Kondo says, thank your items and keep only “what sparks joy” and that really resonates with me. I believe that it’s important to value your items but also only have items that really do serve you and your lifestyle in the best way. You don’t need 10 pairs of jeans that look and feel “just alright,” you need a few pairs that make you feel great! I have been busy sifting through my possessions, mostly clothing, and filtering what I really enjoy, what is practical for my current lifestyle, and selling all the other items on Poshmark. It’s very refreshing knowing others can and will enjoy the items that no longer bring joy or purpose to me and my needs. Spring cleaning whether decluttering or physically tidying your space can mentally refresh you and reorient your mindset in an effective, motivating way. 

These are just a few of the small things I have implemented into my daily routine to help me feel more productive, re-energized, and motivated to finish out the semester in the same strong way I started. Small habits can really positively impact our overall productivity if thought of as a reward or time block in the day to refresh and refocus. It’s really important to take the time to finish out the year in the best way by refreshing the mind and body, giving yourself small rewards, finding something you enjoy, taking time to listen to nature, and by cleaning up your environment you can set the stage for a productive and effective end to the year. We all have all worked so hard thus far, we shouldn’t throw that away just because the year feels longing and the weather is finally turning nice again, the “spring slump” is real, but there are ways to combat it! So here’s to finishing the year as we all are excited for summer and hopefully a “normal” summer at best! 

Tess Trueblood

Wisconsin '24

Hello, I am Tess. I am currently studying marketing and real estate within the School of Business. I am passionate about photography, travel, health and wellness and ways to better your lifestyle!!
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