Big Girls Do Cry

In 2006, Fergie released her smash hit Big Girls Don’t Cry. While the song remains a bop, the message of the song tells girls that they can’t, and shouldn’t, cry in times of stress. Fergie may be a MILF, an icon, and The Dutchess herself, but in this case, she’s wrong.



It’s been a month of school and through the avalanche of snow, mountains of assignments, and piles of upcoming midterms, stress is likely to occur. Feeling stressed is a completely normal reaction to the stimuli around us, yet talking and thinking about stress can often be a struggle.


There are many ways to reduce stress on your own such as getting more sleep, managing your time more effectively and indulging in physical activity (have a dance party!). However, in my experience, the best way to reduce stress is by facing it head-on: by crying.


Although crying may seem like a ridiculous solution, crying has been found to make you feel better, no matter your mental state. While I wouldn’t recommend breaking down in the middle of lecture (or in another highly public setting), crying in the bathroom, on the walk to class, and in the privacy of your own home are definitely recommended.


If you are like me and find it difficult to cry when necessary, I have provided you with my tips and tricks to having the perfect mental breakdown.


1. Watch a sad TV show and/or movie

Recommendations: This is Us, A Million Little Things, My Girl, The Pursuit of Happyness, or any Nicholas Sparks movie.


While it may seem weird to watch a sad movie to get a good cry, I promise that once the tears start flowing, they won’t stop. I gotta feeling (Get it? ‘Cuz Fergie?) that you will feel a lot better afterward.


2. Listen to dramatic music with a powerful message

Recommendations: Older, by Sasha Sloan, Drop in the Ocean, by Ron Pope, Hallelujah, by Jeff Buckley and Dancing on My Own, by Calum Scott.


While listening to the somber music, try having a dance party, do some stretches, or attempt yoga. Doing physical activity can release hormones and allow your body to relax more.


3. Call a loved one and start ranting

Tears are bound to occur in the midst of talking to a friend or family member. Even if you don’t cry, you will feel better for talking it out with someone who knows you well.


Not only will crying reduce your stress, but it will also release toxins, kill unwanted bacteria coated on the outer layer of skin, improve your vision (if you’re blind like me this is a real bonus), and overall improve your mood and mental health.


Whether you are worried about school, finding a job, or when you’ll have time to take a shower, crying is an excellent way to release stress and frustration. Sometimes you need a good cry even when you don’t realize it. Crying is natural and nothing to be ashamed of. Next time you watch a sad movie, let your eyes water. Let yourself be a big girl that does cry!