6 Ways to Stay Active in the Winter

When you’re a student, finding time to work out is a challenge any time of the year, but finding the motivation to exercise during the winter is especially difficult. With the cold temperatures interfering with outdoor workouts and studying for finals taking up any precious free time you might have had, staying active can easily become a low priority in the winter. Even though staying active takes a little more creativity this time of year, there are definitely ways to incorporate it into your daily routine.


1. Walk to class

Before you completely write this one off, hear me out. Walking to class in colder temperatures can be a great way to add small amounts of exercise to your day, but it can also help to wake you up for classes. Plus, taking a few extra minutes to walk is always better than trying to fight your way onto the packed 80.


2. Work out during the day

One of the worst parts about winter is that it’s dark by the time you’re done with classes. Once you’ve gone home for the day, it can be hard to motivate yourself to go back out to the gym when it’s already dark. Instead, try to schedule your workouts before or in-between your classes so you’ll be less likely to skip it.


3. Sign up for fitness classes

Fitness classes are a great way to hold yourself accountable for your workout schedule. Plus, they can also expose you to workouts that you might not have done on your own, like cycling or barre classes. Many studios offer a free class to new members and the Natatorium has free classes during finals week, so make sure to take advantage!


4. Work out at home

If it’s too cold to work out outside or make it to the gym, there’s no reason you can’t exercise in your dorm or apartment! Even if space is limited, there’s definitely room for exercises that don’t require equipment, such as yoga or ab workouts.


5. Find a workout buddy

When working out is the absolute last thing you want to do, find someone to go with you! Make a plan with a friend for when and where you’re going to work out so that you’ll have to follow through. Not only will this hold you accountable, but working out with a friend is always more fun.


6. Work out for a break


The beginning of winter also means the beginning of finals — a.k.a. the beginning of intense studying and stress. During this time, it’s very easy for students to become quickly overwhelmed. When you need a break from studying, take an hour to yourself to put in headphones and complete a workout. It’s a great way to take a much-needed break from studying while staying active.


No matter what time of the year it is, staying active is a crucial part of both physical and mental health. Even though exercise takes a bit more planning and creativity in the winter, it’s worth it to make it a part of your routine!