3 Reasons to Prioritize Lifestyle Changes Over Diets

We all would be lying if we said we haven’t tried a crazy diet or two. And because of that, we know well that diets are not the solution! Being mindful of what you are putting into your body is a good start, but it’s only the first step in the process of improving your health and wellness. Changing your lifestyle is healthier and more effective; here's why.


1.  Stop Limiting Yourself

The whole logic behind diets is limiting food and liquid consumption. But, the more you tell yourself "no," the more your body is going to say "yes"! When you tell yourself that you can’t have carbs or sugars, all your mind is going to crave is what it's told it can’t have; that will only lead to more frequent missteps. Instead of constantly telling yourself "no," learn to gradually adjust what you eat and drink. Balance is key; for example, if you decide to have a sugary coffee in the morning, pair it with fresh fruit instead of a pastry item. If you allow yourself to consume a certain amount of sugar or carbs, your body will feel less deprived than if you were to cut it out entirely; you will have fewer cravings and slip-ups.


2. Change Your Habits

If you're anything like me, you like to reward yourself with something sweet on a bad day. But, if you're constantly giving yourself “rewards” throughout the week, the calories will add up! Instead, reward yourself with an episode of your favorite show — basically, reward yourself with anything but food. This way, you're both giving yourself something you enjoy and sticking to a healthy lifestyle. Making small adjustments to your habits each day will eventually lead to a healthier daily routine; it will make you forget about the old temptations you used to fall into!


3. Find a Healthy Balance

Finding a healthy balance is the key to making successful lifestyle changes. It's all about letting yourself cheat once in a while; it's about trying to walk to all your classes on days you have pastry for breakfast. Just finished a hard workout? Go ahead, enjoy a slice of pizza! If you learn to strike a balance between consumption and activity, you'll have a much easier time cultivating a healthier lifestyle because you're not limiting yourself.


Diets can drain you; but changing your everyday habits and finding a healthy balance will help you achieve your health and wellness goals quicker!