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3 Reasons Breakfast is the Best Meal Ever (And Where and What to Eat)

Starting off your day with a delicious plate of eggs and toast, a berry-full bowl of oatmeal or even just a to-go breakfast sandwich will keep you feeling happy and satisfied throughout the day. However, although most of us would never intentionally skip breakfast (because, duh, it’s the most wonderful meal of the day), sometimes we just don’t make time for it. More often than not, we wake up late and rush out the door with empty tummies, but there should always be time for breakfast. Here’s why:


1. It’s good for you!

Ever wondered where the word breakfast came from? Well, we are obviously not eating when we sleep at night—we’re fasting. Breakfast is usually the first meal we eat on any given day; so technically, you are breaking your fast!

It’s important to eat a satisfying meal within your first waking hour since you’ve been fasting for about seven hours. Making time for breakfast can become difficult with everything going on in our lives, but know that it’s vital to maintaining a healthy metabolism and weight. If you wait too long to fuel up, your body will begin storing fat to use as energy later on. It thinks you’re beginning to starve and its survival instincts kick in. Your body then stores fat instead of breaking it down, hence slowing your metabolism. So, eating even just a little something for breakfast is better than nothing!

2. There are so many options!!!

They can either be simple…

Oatmeal: A simple bowl of oatmeal and berries can be loaded with nutrients—it will keep you full throughout your busy day. Plus, it’s quick and easy to make.

Cereal: Although it seems like a light breakfast, it often come with a lot of healthy ingredients. First, there’s the calcium and vitamins in milk. Second, depending on the cereal, it can make for a great source for whole grains and fiber. Pair this with some fruit and PB Toast, and you’re set for the morning.

Avocado Toast: It’s a weakness for many for a reason: it’s delicious and filling. There are so many healthy fats and vitamins in it, so there’s never really a reason to not chow down on this amazing breakfast food.

Eggs: Two eggs and a slice of toast are all you need to feel energetic throughout the day.  Eggs are loaded with protein, so they can satisfy any ravenous appetite.

…or extravagant!

Eggs Benedict: This traditional American breakfast dish is made of half an English muffin, a poached egg , Canadian bacon and the creamy hollandaise sauce. What could be better?


Bagel Breakfast Sandwich: Breakfast sandwiches are one of the most satisfyingly delicious options in the breakfast world. They are cheesy, eggy masterpieces that can be enjoyed in a restaurant or en-route to your next class.

Waffles: This breakfast classic can be loaded with anything your heart desires. Whipped cream, chocolate sauce, bacon, bananas, chicken, strawberries… If you can name it, you can put it on a waffle.

Breakfast Pizza: Pizza for breakfast is considered somewhat acceptable to begin with, but breakfast pizza? Has anyone ever created anything better?

3. Breakfast food make for an acceptable meal to eat at any time of day. Check out these all-day breakfast spots right here in Mad-Town:

Mickies (open 6 a.m.- 2:30 p.m., cash only): A Madison staple with the heartiest of breakfast foods.Bassett Street Brunch Club (open all day): With an extensive and unique breakfast selection to select from, you can enjoy brunch for every meal of the day. What could be better?!

Sunroom Cafe (open all day): The dainty café overlooks State Street and offers a brunchy atmosphere at every hour.  


Are you still hesitant to crown breakfast as the best meal of the day? Didn’t think so. That said, please never forget to eat breakfast. That way you can stay happy and healthy!

Cate Wilkinson

Wisconsin '20

Cate graduated from UW - Madison in May 2020 with a degree in Microbiology with a certificate in French. She is very passionate about health, wellness, sustainability and communication about these topics!
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