10 Lies You Tell Yourself on the Weekend

The week is finally over and every collegiette is dreaming of the chance to catch up on homework, get some sleep and maybe have an adventure or two. Even with the best of intentions, somehow we always seem to end up even more sleep-deprived and farther behind on homework. Here are a few lies we tell ourselves every weekend.


"I’ll just have one drink."

Six is pretty close to one, right?


"I’ll only stay for an hour."

But we walked twenty minutes to get here! And it’s much warmer inside.


"I am going to be in bed by 12 tonight."

Wait, last call? What do you mean, 'last call'?


"I won't text him tonight."

I said “text,” not “snap!” How else is he going to know how much fun I am having?



Is that a shot-ski? Half shots don’t actually count.


"I'll wake up early tomorrow to study."

I can't study if I don't take care of my body... I’ll start homework after lunch.


"I'll be the mom tonight."

No guys, really, I'm fine. I think you’re the one who wants a drink of water.


"I can get all my homework done on Sunday."

It can't take more than 10 hours, right?  


"I won't spend all my money on Qdoba/Toppers/Taco Bell."

One of the three is definitely on the way home. Extra cheese, please!


"That midterm on Monday is so far away."

Hey, college is about making memories.


Regardless of how many of these little white lies you can relate to, just know you’re not alone. It is all about balance.