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The Pros & Cons of Living Off Campus

Is sharing the same room with someone you don’t know not for you? Living off campus can seem so intriguing. But there are some advantages and disadvantages in living off campus, here’s just a few. 

The Pros

Your own personal living space 

Sharing a room most definitely was never for me. Having a space to talk on the phone or listen to your music  without earbuds is a great feeling. 

No visitation rules

I personally never followed visitation rules because there is no point in having to kick out my friends who live across campus after 8:00. But this is such an advantage  because you can have friends over anytime of the day and all day! 

General living space  

One of the most awkward moments is inviting friends over to your dorm while your roommate is either studying or they randomly walk in. Having a general living space provides a common area so you can have friends over to binge watch those Netflix series!

Don’t have to pack your things over breaks 

If you are like me, you basically packed your life up and moved it into the dorm. Well, you don’t have to move your things in and out during breaks. Which was music to my ears because you can fully decorate your place and make it feel more like home. 

No RA’s & required hall meetings 

The most annoying thing is having to go to a “required” hall meeting and listen to the same sphile that you already know. 

Closer parking to your building

If your school is anything like Winthrop University, there is hardly any parking near your building which can be very dangerous. Now that I’m off campus, my “assigned” parking spot is right outside of my building. 

The Cons

Further walking/driving commute to class

Being on campus, makes you closer to classes. Whether you are close enough to campus to walk, it is still a further walk to where you have to guess how long it will take you to walk there. If you are further away from campus and you have to drive, you have to find a park in the commuter lot and still walk to your class.  

No meal plan & more grocery shopping

I didn’t realize how much I was going to miss just going to the cafe and using my meal swipes. Now, I have no meal swipes and I have to go to the grocery store every other week and cook every night. It’s cheaper than eating out and maybe even the meal plan, but it’s still a lot of work after a long day of classes. 

More responsibilities & liabilities  

I have always thought of the responsibilities like cooking, cleaning, and buying groceries. I never thought about how many liabilities I have with paying my rent each month, having other property tenants (roommates), and making sure everything is paid on time. 

Isolation from campus activities and peers

Being off campus can also isolate you in a positive and negative way. But I noticed that I have to go out of my way to figure out what activities are going on, on campus. If it is not posted on social media, 9/10 I won’t know about it and miss out on a really good event. 

Listen up Collegiates!  I do highly encourage freshmen to stay on campus your first year at school. It gives you a lifetime experience that you cannot get back. My freshman year was one of my best years because I lived on campus. Getting the opportunity to live off campus is a part of growing up, don’t rush your time. Your time will come. 

Winthrop University Alumna | Integrated Marketing Communications | Past Campus Correspondent & Editor in Chief
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