Just Checking In: Tips to Keep Those New Years Resolutions Going Strong

Do y’all remember New Year's Resolutions? Yeah, that’s right, the things we set our minds to change and did with such ferocity at the beginning. Well guess what ladies, it’s time to check back in. Now that we’re almost to the end of the first month of 2017 how have you done with your resolutions? Have you maintained them at an all time high? Let them go? Well here are some tips to make sure that you keep those resolutions, or at least maintain them.

Get Re-Inspired:

Remember when that New Year started and you wanted to lose that weight. While that gym may seem like a terrible place now, YOU CAN DO IT! Think about what got you inspired. Is it that little black dress hanging in your closet? Spring Break just around the corner? Or just wanting to feel better about yourself? Find it again, and keep going strong!


While making that first resolution a little tipsy off champagne right off the ball drop may have seemed like a good idea, maybe you decided something a little too out of your reach. Seriously, who really wants to give up sugar, and honestly there is no way you can lose 40 pounds in a month. You may be depressed looking at your goal right now, but re-evaluate it. Maybe decide to ration your sugar intake, maybe eat it only on Sundays. Maybe just change it all together.  Make an aim to live a healthy live and lose weight healthily making that resolution much easier to get!

Find a Buddy:

New Years resolutions can be hard to keep going by yourself. Find a buddy to either do it with you, or hold you accountable. Not only will you have a companion, but also someone to check in on you to make sure you aren’t cheating. 

Have a Cheat Day:

Running every day, eating only healthy foods, and keeping those goals seems easy enough, but it gets old fast. Having a cheat day not only gives you something to look forward but also gives you a break. Just be sure not to binge too much!

Believe in Yourself:

You may be feeling down. You may think that you can’t do it anymore, but you can! Just believe in yourself to keep going strong. Believe that you can make the better you. Believe that you can stick to your goal and reach that finish line. All that matters is that you are doing what works best for you to make the best changes for yourself for 2017! 

Whether you choose to follow one of these tips or not at all keep pursuing that goal for 2017! Be the better you and find a way to keep going strong. Have faith! You can do it! Keep pushing, that finish line is closer than it seems. Just keep going one day at a time.