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How I changed my Major as a Junior and Will Still Graduate on Time

How did I know my major wasn’t for me? 

I felt very unmotivated in my classes. I thought that it would be too late for me to even think about changing my major. I started doing more research on if I were to change my major, what would it be and if I could still graduate on time. Then, I came to the realization that I didn’t care about graduating on time, I only cared about getting my degree so I took the risk of seeing where I would be if I were to change my major as a junior. 

What made me decide to take the risk of not graduating on time? 

I realized that life is way too short for me to be unhappy and unmotivated in a field that I will be in for the rest of my life. Once I realized that, I figured out what I wanted to do wasn’t too much of  a major change. I still loved doing marketing, I just didn’t like all of the business courses that went into it. I forced myself to keep going because I thought that would be the only way to get the job I wanted. 

What was my major and what did I change my major to? 

I was a Business Marketing Major with a minor in Spanish. Now, my major is Integrated Marketing Communications. My new major doesn’t require a minor. Sadly, I did not keep my Spanish minor but I do still plan on becoming fluent in the language elsewhere. To graduate on time, I have to focus on both marketing and mass communication classes. I have taken almost all of my business classes since that is what I have been in for the past two years. My main focus these next two years will be my mass communication classes. 

Who can I talk to about changing my major? 

Anyone that has changed their major, graduated, or even your advisor is a good person to talk to. At my school, I haven’t had a good advisor. Not having a good advisor made me not want to go to them and ask them questions because they seemed uninterested in helping students. Asking people within the real world that may have a job that you could see yourself doing. You can also ask people who have graduated because they are the ones who have been in the position before. 

Stop stressing Collegiates! Even though my major change wasn’t a dramatic one, it still is a big change in my career path. Don’t go throughout college in a major that you are unhappy in, it’s not worth your time or your future. 

Winthrop University Alumna | Integrated Marketing Communications | Past Campus Correspondent & Editor in Chief
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