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Earth Fare: A Vegan Collegiate’s BFF

In a college setting, it is tough to have dietary restrictions. I’m not one to be picky about what I eat as there were only a few foods I wouldn’t touch before I became vegan. But now I HAVE to be picky about what I eat.

I feel guilty having people remake my foods because there was a piece of cheese in it or they recently touched meat without changing their gloves. It is rare that those who don’t have dietary restrictions understand what it’s like. The cafeteria at Winthrop serves “all you can eat”, and by that it really means just for those who CAN “eat all”. When there are things that I can eat in the cafeteria, they limit how much you get served, even though it is “all you can eat”. When the chance arrives that I get to serve myself, I get looks as if I haven’t eaten for days. Then I must do the thing that bothers me the most, talking about being vegan. For me, it isn’t a choice to be vegan.

I’m not showing off because I REALLY CAN’T have these foods. Explaining being vegan every time you get looks about your food choices is exhausting. It is similar on your first days of school (middle and high) where you fill out the information form. It’s repetitive and there are days where I would rather walk around with a “hello, my name is Vegan” sticker plastered on my forehead. Being at Winthrop, I have the advantage of walking down to Earth Fare, an organic non-gmo cafe and grocery store just two blocks down. There are so many options for those who have dietary restrictions, and not just vegan. A wide variety of yummy vegan foods makes this place my best friend. I mean, who doesn’t love food?! Although healthy food such as ones available at Earth Fare are not cheap, a vegan must do what they can to eat. And it is SO worth it.

As I went exploring one night of all my favorite vegan items in the store, I got many looks from other customers as I took cheesy selfies with all the foods. I even got workers laughing at me. These silly faces should tell you how much I LOVE these foods.


Here is a list of a few of my favorite vegan foods worth trying that you can find at Earth Fare, even you don’t have dietary restrictions.

1. Earth Balance Vegan White Cheddar Puffs 

2. Earth Balance Vegan Buttery Spread –melts and tastes just like butter!

3. Earth Fare Vegan Cookies – SO dangerously good!

4. Enjoy Life – Dairy-free chocolates!!

5. Daiya Vegan Pizza – crust is gluten free

6. Daiya Vegan Cheesecake

7. A LARGE variety of protein based meats, great for any vegan or vegetarian

8. A LARGE Dairy-free Frozen Desserts (ice cream!)

9. Enjoy Life Brand baking mixes

10. Egg-replacements

Some other great things about Earth Fare is their Daily Deals!

Monday’s – Fresh pizza is 2 slices for $4

Tuesday’s – Students get 10% off

Wednesday’s – $5 Sushi

Friday’s – Take and Bake Pizzas are only $6

Saturday’s and Sunday’s – Take and Bake Pizzas are only $7

Tuesday through Sunday, pizza is 2 slices for $6


Oh Kale yeah!

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