College Life As Told By the Cast of New Girl

Hey girl, whatcha doing? Hey girl, where you going?

Who's that girl? (Who's that girl?) It's Jess!

If you recognize that catchy little tune, then you've watched the show New Girl. This show is of my favorites, and I will never get tired of watching it. Although the show has officially ended on Fox after seven amazing, fun-filled seasons, the characters and their crazy antics are still wildly popular and relatable. I definitely recommend binge watching this show in your free time!

Below are 12 scenes from New Girl that perfectly describe what college life is like!


You’re excited to begin a new chapter in your life; another year of school that you’re confident about rocking!

But you don’t know what classes to sign up for, or even what you want to major in anymore…

When you don’t know what to say for the Icebreaker on the first day of class, so you kind of panic:

Then these are some of the random things you do learn in the classes you take, and you’re totally rethinking everything you thought you knew about college classes.

When you get the prompt for a paper and you automatically begin taking notes and outlining what you’re going to write. You're confident and ready to take on this assignment!

But in reality, you actually procrastinate on that paper for a week, so you have to write the entire thing before 11:59pm when it's due:

A few days later, your professor gives you feedback and a grade on that paper that basically says:

There's more...and you're quickly realizing that waiting till the last possible minute was a really bad idea:

But you remember that the weekend is coming up, so you don’t agonize about that terrible grade for too long. A new week lies ahead!

Pick your head up! Learn from last week’s mistakes, and then pump yourself up for a new week where you’ll try harder:

Give yourself that pep talk and come to realize that it was one grade! Don’t focus on your failures; instead, realize what you’re ultimately striving for. Get that college degree, girl, so you can do what you love!

Seriously. Don’t let anything knock you down or distract you from succeeding. College can be rough, but you’ve got this. Go kick butt this year, Collegiettes!