10 Self Care Hacks that Won't Cost You A Dime

When people hear about "self-care," a majority of the time, they think of face masks, bath bombs or any type of spa treatments.

However, practicing self-care doesn't mean that you need to spend money! You can effectively practice self-care without spending a single dime!

1. Go for a walk/run!

Exercise can be seen as a form of self-care! It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it does wonders for others. Walking also helps the brain calm down, and it can feel meditative, plus it’s free ;-)

2. Read a book

When’s the last time you actually relaxed and read a good book? Even reading a chapter out of your favorite book can help! Legend says that reading actually helps you sleep better!

3. Organize your space

Sometimes having a cluttered room or being disorganized causes you to have a cluttered mind. Once you get everything organized, you’ll feel like a weight has been lifted!

4. Dance!

Having random dance parties will definitely help you uplift your mood! It’s a good de-stressor, and hey, Meredith and Cristina used to have them all the time!


5. Dedicate some time to mediate

It helps reduce stress and anxiety. It also helps your body physically (headaches, pain, sleeping issues). It’s always great to start off with simple breathing exercises!

6. Journal

Before bed, take the time to jot down things about your day. Journaling can help you let go of some of the tough parts, therefore try coming up with at least 3 things that were good about your day!


7. Listen to relaxing music

Music is very therapeutic. It can even help you when you are meditating or doing some form of exercise. Find something that you find something and relax.

8. Sleep

If you don’t snooze, you lose, right? Sleep plays a big role in your mood. If you don’t rest, your energy will be at a low. Sleep allows you to recharge!

9. Have a self-date

Do something that YOU want to do! This can be anything! Number 1 rule: Enjoy your own presence!

10. Unplug

There are times where shutting off your phone, and not using any technology is truly the most therapeutic thing you can do. Getting away from social media, and all the negativity that comes from it, is a big help to your self-care process.

Hopefully one of these self-care hacks works for you, Collegiettes!