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Social media has a great impact on the world but specifically millennials and these are just a few of the most influential accounts that I have come across.  


Brooke Danielson


Brooke is a personal friend of mine and she is in my top 5 for Instagram accounts because she is the one who originally got me into Instagram as a hobby and using it as a platform instead of just posting random photos. She has a beautiful, colorful account that is pleasing to the eye. She is always exploring new places in Minneapolis and other locations. Some of her favorite places to go are coffee shops, and there are a plethora of new ones opening this year in Minneapolis/St. Paul. She also ventures into different art galleries and parks all around the cities. She has a spunky sense of style that would inspire anyone that likes to buy all of their clothes from second-hand stores such as Goodwill, Savers, and any vintage shops.


Anya Osipov


Anya is an artist with a very big following on Instagram for such a young age. She is currently 16 years old and has traveled to a few different countries this summer. She is on this list for me because she is the whole reason I began drawing again this past year. It has become my biggest hobby and it is all thanks to her because I instantly fell in love with the style she uses and it helped me create my own. She has great fashion sense and it is easy to see that in her photos. For a very long time she was the only inspiration I had for creating art and I am very happy to have found her account because it is so unique.


Mary Rosenberger


Mary is the most unique soul I have ever come across. I wish I knew her personally but it is easy to feel like you have a personal connection with her simply because she is so real with her Instagram platform. She doesn’t use it to put pictures together and make it look nice. She uses it to spread positivity and show her real self. I have learned from her that it’s okay to be different from everyone else and to stand out. She was in a very abusive relationship that ruined her mental health but once she broke that off she turned to art and dancing as a form of therapy and met somebody new and is in a happy, healthy relationship. I think it’s amazing that using one app can change so many aspects of your life, and Mary has taught me to be myself no matter what other people think of me.


Kayla Marie


Kayla has a very white, pastel-type theme going on with her Instagram. She has a large following and uses her platform to share her art. I really enjoy looking through her feed because she uses many different mediums and styles and her photos are very enjoyable to look through.


Fii Flora


Fii uses her Instagram to share pictures of her everyday life, but she has taught me so much about gender identity and the importance of respecting people’s preferences when it comes to pronouns. When I found her account I quickly realized that she doesn’t like labels and if you want to call her ‘he, him,’ ‘she, her,’ or ‘they, them,’ you can say whichever one you feel like using. I know that it is not an easy concept to completely understand as a cisgender (someone who identifies with the same gender as they were born with) woman. Some people are much more picky with pronouns and it is important for everyone to be able to respect that, even if it is hard to understand.


I hope everyone is able to recognize what a great impact social media can have on this generation and use the platforms, such as Instagram, to their advantage because it is a great way to make new friends and learn new things.

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