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Dear Mr. Tin Man,


I heard that you are in search of a heart. A heart can be the source of many beautiful things. Us humans believe that we love from our hearts. Love makes a mess out of us, but it is a beautiful mess. When a person is in love, they are in a constant feeling of elation; it is as if they are flying through the sky and nothing could bring them down. When I experienced love, it was the best feeling I have ever felt in my life. Being able to trust another person completely, tearing your guards down to let them in, and exposing your heart can seem terrifying, but it all feels worth it when you receive that love back. As an emotional person, I trust my heart to love those whom it deems best. Love can cloud rationality, however, that causes a world of hurt. I could not see my heart being torn away from me as the person I loved most, slowly fell out of love with me.


Love sets you on fire. It will consume everything in its path, leaving nothing behind when it burns out. When my heart broke, I was overcome with an all-consuming agony. Part of my heart was stolen by the person who I trusted the most in the world, and everything constantly felt wrong. My chest simultaneously felt hollow and constricted. I have not taken a full breath in weeks. I suffer from tear hangovers and seclusions from grief. I have never felt so much pain in my life, and it is ruining me. I am a ruin, ruined by another, and I cannot fit the pieces of my broken heart back together. I refuse to let another person abuse and maim my already beaten heart.


If you do not mind the tears and scars, you can have my heart. I do not want it anymore.






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