Six Quick Study Snack Ideas

Exam season is hard. With deadlines for papers and a few days to study between tests, our daily routines tend to suffer. We often forget to sleep, eat and exercise. It’s so hard to stay on top of things when your brain is full of so much information. This is your seasonal reminder to take care of yourself because you deserve it! One of the easiest ways to take care of yourselves is by ensuring you’re eating right. Think of yourself as a car. If your brain is an engine, then food is the gas, which means nothing will work if you’re hungry. So maximize your time by trying these quick and healthy study snacks! These following ideas are quick, nutritious and take minimal time to make or clean up so that you can keep up with your study grind! 

Rice Cakes

Rice cakes have a bad rep. But I swear  — give them a change, they are so versatile! I like to buy the plain ones and customize them! The options are endless! Providing a good combination of healthy fats and carbohydrates, this snack will keep you full and focused! Top them with either tuna and cucumber, hummus, cream cheese and raspberries or natural PB and raisins. 

Green Smoothies

Yes, chopping fruits and veggies can be time-consuming. Save time by prepping ahead and keeping containers of frozen produce in your freezer! To keep you more satisfied, add some sort of protein, protein powder — like whey — or natural PB are good options. One of my personal favourites is simple and delicious. Try making your own Green Monster Smoothie from Oh She Glows!

Frozen Blueberries & Greek Yoghurt 
Craving Menchies? Take fresh or frozen blueberries and coat them in Vanilla Greek Yoghurt. Skyr yoghurt is a good option too! Place on a lined baking sheet and have them set in the freezer for an hour or more, then enjoy! 


Popcorn is delicious. It is full of fibre too! Either purchase a low-sodium microwavable package, invest in an air popper or use the old tried and true method of a pot and stovetop. Top with seasonings of your choice to switch it up! Salt and pepper, rosemary and parmesan (for when you’re feeling fancy) or cinnamon sugar for a twist!  

Apples and Natural PB (or Almond Butter)

Slice apples (Gala and Granny Smith are nice!), sprinkle with cinnamon and dip in two tbsp. of natural nut butter! Make it more decadent by sprinkling in a tsp. of mini dark chocolate chips! Not a chocolate fan? Granola clusters are great too! 

Cheese & Crackers

Find some good multigrain or natural crackers and top with pieces of cheese: Havarti, goat cheese and medium cheddar are great options. Top with dill or sweet pickles for tang and extra crunch. 

With these six recipes for reference, you’ll stay full, focused and ace those exams! Good luck Golden Hawks and happy holidays!