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I just discovered the magical world of podcasts and it’s kind of a really big deal.

For the longest time, I was of the belief that podcasts were nothing but boring blabber about topics I had zero interest in. Oh boy, was I wrong. There are so many different podcasts out there, on literally any topic that you could think of! Want to tune into your inner girl boss? How about learning even more about your favourite YouTuber? Or catching up on the latest Bachelor franchise gossip? There are hundreds of podcasts waiting for you to discover them, but to make that a little easier for you, I’ve compiled this list of my favourites.  Tune in and enjoy!

The Goal Digger Podcast 

Want to be a girl boss, but are lacking inspiration?  That’s where Jenna Kutcher steps in. Her podcast features everything you’ll ever need to know about pursuing your dream job. She brings in knowledgeable guests to discuss business hacks and social media strategies. After listening to an episode of Goal Digger, you’ll have the motivation and the skills to go after your wildest dreams.

Stuff Mom Never Told You

This podcast, brought to you by Bridget Todd, Anney Reese and HowStuffWorks, covers tons of current events with a feminist perspective. They offer their thought-out opinions on topics such as gender based harassment, sexism at the gym, celebrity-endorsed appetite suppressants and so much more. Tuning into an episode of this podcast will help you get up to date on some of the most prevalent challenges women today are facing.

 Sexpert with Mia Renee

Sexpert is a sex-positive podcast produced by Mia Renee. Didn’t receive the quality sex ed lessons you deserved in your high school health class? Then you just might want to tune into Sexpert. You’ll hear Mia and her friends discuss a variety of sex-related topics, from masturbation, to contraceptives, to orgies. Learn the answers to all the questions you didn’t even know you had!

Gals on the Go

Produced by students/influencers Danielle Carolan and Brooke Miccio, this podcast is very much focused on all things college life! Their episodes cover topics like productivity, stress in university, time management, dating, self care and basically anything else you might be dealing with yourself. It’s super comforting to know that even YouTubers can deal with the same struggles as you — and I know I always appreciate extra tips to help me manage everything better.

Happier with Gretchen Rubin

Gretchen Rubin is a writer focused on happiness, good habits and human nature. Her podcast, as such, is all about how to be happier. She chooses a specific focus from which she centers each episode off of. My favourite, episode 126, is all about perfectionism and the struggles associated with it. Other topics she covers include surviving breakups, leaving things unsaid and apologizing. The goal of the podcast is that in listening to the episodes, you’ll acquire the tools needed to form healthy habits and ultimately start to live an overall happier life.

Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe 

Off The Vine was the first podcast I listened to (thanks mom!) and to this day it remains one of my favourites. Produced by former Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe, I especially love it because she frequently discusses the latest drama going down in Bachelor nation. Plus, she often has Bachelor alumni visit the show, which is an awesome way to learn more about your favourites — without them having cameras in their faces or producers in their ears. Between that and Kaitlyn’s complete lack of filter, you’re in for a good time when listening to Off The Vine.



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