Places to Study on Campus Where You Can Actually Find a Seat

The most hectic time of the year is approaching: midterm season. If you’re like me and absolutely cannot study at home, then you know the struggle of trying to find a place on campus to study. Everywhere you look is just so crowded, making it difficult to focus or even find a seat in the first place. After being at Laurier for five years, I have finally found the best places on campus where you can actually find a seat and get some work done!

1. Peters Student Lounge

The student lounge in the Peters building is located on the 3rd floor. Studying here is great for students who don’t have a noise preference. Sometimes it is dead silent and other times it is lively, with lots of group meetings happening at once.

2. Geography Mapping Library (aka Viessmann Resource Centre)

This is a personal favourite place to study. It’s located at 2E5 in the Arts Building, where the volume is usually a quiet to a talking level. There are tables and chairs, couches and double monitor computers, making it easier to do work. They also have a variety of plants along the window making it feel like you’re not completely stuck inside.

3. Language Lounge

The Language Lounge is on the 4th floor of Bricker Academic. Come study here if you want to sit on comfy couches and study by yourself or with friends.

4. The Turret

With the turret being newly renovated, it’s now converted into a study space during the day. The study hours change weekly and can be found every Monday on the Students’ Union Instagram, @yourstudentsunion.

5. Schlegel Atrium

If you need some noise while studying, than this is the place for you. There are usually tables available and it’s located on the ground floor in the Schlegel building.

6. Terrace Food Court

There are tons of tables and chairs available whatever time of the day you go here! There are also lots of food options around so if you get hungry you don’t have to travel very far.

7. Dining Hall

You can normally find tables around the dining hall that are free. It’s a great place to study, surrounded by glass windows to make sure you don’t end up with cabin fever if you’re there all day.

8. A Classroom

Classrooms aren’t always being used, and you can actually see what ones are available at your desired time. This way you can be guaranteed a silent study space whenever you book the room.

Best of luck studying, I hope one of these study spots can be your new go-to!