Midterm Season: Gif Edition

Midterm season is upon us. It’s time for the roller coaster of emotions that always comes with the onslaught of tests and assignments our profs love to throw at us before reading week, and I figured, what better way to represent that than through a series of funny and painfully true gifs?

Alright, here are some thoughts and experiences you’re definitely going to have during the upcoming weeks. Enjoy, and I wish you all luck.

Realizing you don’t actually know what the heck you’re doing

How did I study in high school? How do you make a review? Why didn’t I go to all those seminars throughout the term that taught me how to do this?!

Having multiple midterms on the same day

Suddenly you have to manage your time, memorize facts from three different subjects and do about 400 pages of readings that you put off until the last minute and you find yourself drowning in work.

Writing your third essay exam in a row

It gets to the point where you can’t even hold a pen anymore because your hand has cramped up so badly from all the writing.

Going weeks without sleep because you have too much to do

Sleep? What is sleep? I think I used to know what that word meant, but it’s been ages and I really don’t have the time to learn new words right now, I have a stats exam in three hours!

Coffee being the only thing thats keeping you going

Caffeine can replace food and sleep, right?

Having a few hours where you can relax

This feels like a lie.

Realizing those few hours were a lie and you actually have something important to do RIGHT NOW

I knew it!

Remembering what it was like when you had free time

Remember showering? That was fun. And cooking? Oh my god, do you remember the last time you got to talk to someone about something other than film theory? Those were good days.

Camping out in the library

Who needs a good night's sleep when you have found that perfect study spot?

Being sick and still having to study

The world is evil and death approaches.

Realizing you just finished your last midterm…

*happy sigh*

… and remembering that finals season starts in ten minutes