Midterm Feels Explained Through GIFs

Midterm season feels like it is never ending sometimes. Between the studying, tests, projects, assignments and more, it feels like we never have a break. We know sometimes it is easy to feel down, but remember, after midterms, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel … that is until finals begin. You know we could not pass up an opportunity to express our midterm feels through gifs. We’ve been through it all, the late-night studying, the sleepless nights, the early mornings: we know the grind is real. But we are here to help give you a laugh during this stressful time and hopefully hit you right in the feels. 

When you find out you have four midterms in one week:

When all your friends are going out but you’re stuck studying: 

This one hurts

When you realize you need to know 10 chapters for one midterm:

When you regret not doing your weekly readings: 

We call them final readings now

When you spend more time looking for test banks online than studying: 

A classic 

When you realize you won’t be sleeping for the next two weeks:

Who needs sleep anyways 

When you realize no amount of caffeine will keep you awake and/or sane:

Must. Drink. Coffee

When your study guide is 60 pages long, but the midterm is only one page: 

When your study break turns into a study day: 
The night before the midterm: 

When you get to the midterm and realize it is all test bank:

Best. Feeling. Ever

When you don’t know the first question on the midterm:

That’s always fun!

When you realize you also have three assignments and a quiz that week:

Will I ever get a break?
When the questions say, “refer to the movie watched in class,” but you’ve never been to the class: When midterm season is finally done:


We wish you success during this midterm season. We hope you get a good laugh out of this and can relate. We know midterms are hard but keep up the hard work. See you at finals!!