Is it Time for a Cleanse?

Reading week is over, and many of us have suffered through the midterms we were terribly unprepared for, and are now trying to rest and refuel a bit before we have to start prepping for finals. We know it can be hard to maintain a balanced diet in the midst of all the work and stress, but it is important to keep a healthy mind and body throughout it all so that we stay sharp and feel good! So why not try some healthy organic juices?

Detoxing your body is a great way to rid it of toxins and refuel it with vitamins and nutrients. One of healthiest ways to do this is through cold-pressed juice cleansing. Juice cleansing involves drinking the purest and rawest form of fruits and vegetables as a way of cleansing out your digestive system and rebooting energy into your body. Even if you aren’t interested in doing an entire cleanse, by incorporating these juices into your daily routine, your body will feel nourished and thank you for it.

For you Laurier students interested in this juicing experience, Kitchener-Waterloo has just welcomed their first cold-pressed juice bar! Goodvibes Juice Co. is located right on 336 King Street, just a couple doors down from our favourite country bar, and has a bright and welcoming shop that offers a variety of juices in unique flavours that appeal to both the new and experienced juicer. 

If you aren’t sure whether you’re into cold-pressed juice, just walk on in and ask for a sample. They’ll let you test your taste buds on their juices and nut-milks so you can figure out what you like best. Give your body the vitamins and the goods with some Goodvibes Juice!