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Goodbye Res! What It’s Like to Be at Uni, and Not Be in Res

One of the largest parts of your first-year university experience is living in residence. Res is the place where you fully adapt to your new surroundings. You are living on your own (as is the case for many people) for the first time, and you’re starting to figure it all out. You meet a ton of people who are also in the same boat as you and are experiencing all of the same things you are. Eventually, though, the fun and games come to an end, and it’s time to move out. Here are the things I found to be completely different from my university experience AFTER moving into my own place and out of res.

No More Don

Although you may not realize it at the time, having your don around is a blessing. You constantly have someone checking in on you and making sure you’re doing okay. There is also an upper year student always at your service. From finding your classes to picking and dealing with your schedule, they’re there to answer ANY and ALL of your questions. On the other hand, no one checking in on you might be better for certain people, and the loss of this will be beneficial. This is definitely a bittersweet situation but it’s a huge adjustment. 

Cleaning Service

Even though it was only once a semester, having the cleaning company come in and totally disinfect your room was a HUGE plus and made a difference. We’re all on our own now to make sure we’re not living in dirt all year.

Choice of Living Situation

Many people in residence get placed in certain buildings with certain people, and we don’t have much of a say with it all. Now, not only do you decide WHO you live with, you get to pick where. This process can be stressful, but it’s so much fun! 

The Diversity of Who You’re Living Around

Depending on whether you’re living in an apartment or a house, your neighbours might not be students that go to your school or around the same age as you. Unlike first year, everyone living around you isn’t in the same boat anymore. This has its perks, but not everyone is necessarily going through the same thing as you and this can sometimes cause conflict, especially with noise.

Scheduled Events

Residence staff and the school as a whole made sure to provide first years with events year-round. They wanted to make sure we were constantly involved and meeting new people. Unfortunately, this is a benefit we do not have anymore and we strongly encourage all first-years to participate in as much as they can! 


We all know the feeling of having your duty don knocking on your door when you’re blasting music past 11 PM and you have way too many people over. While there aren’t necessarily people watching you anymore now that you’re alone, there are now bigger consequences to face. You should always be careful, but in first year you are definitely lucky with warnings and second chances.

This is definitely a major adjustment because you are officially leaving the safety of the residence bubble. BUT, it is definitely a good and big change and is all part of the process. The memories will last and the crazy stories will just continue without having to sneak people into your place on holidays.

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