Five Ways to Destress During Exam Season

Although the holidays are just around the corner, school isn’t done just yet. Exam season is happening all around us and everywhere, students are hustling to get their work done and cram for their next exam. It is easy, in the midst of all the hard work, to forget that self-care and mental health must always be a priority, even though stress might say differently. Everyone has their own way of relieving stress during this busy time and we all need some “R & R,” but here are some ways just in case you are feeling uninspired. 


We tend to forget that eight hours of sleep is the average amount needed to maintain a healthy and balanced body system. Sleep is one of the best, easiest ways to feel relaxed and “get back in the zone.” It can relieve tension and headaches, improve memory and alleviate inflammation. You need to be well-rested to focus on the material that you are studying to do well on exams. Remember to sleep tight and for as long as you can. 

Netflix and Chill

During exam season, it may seem like we just do not have enough hours in the day to juggle everything on our to-do lists and then some — but taking some time off might do more help than harm, granted that it is used wisely. One way to enjoy some time off and away from the books is by catching up on the latest episodes of your favourite shows. Maybe you could even have a “friend” over for some Netflix and chill — or maybe you could cuddle up in bed and enjoy the alone time to clear your mind and have a low-key day or night. 

Hanging Out with Friends

One of the best ways to relieve stress is to hang out with some friends. Socializing has been proven time and again to be a major source of happiness, stress reduction and an increased sense of belonging and purpose. It also serves as a great distraction from the constant stress of exam season. 


You might not have done any of the required readings for any of your courses this semester, but there are other books to read that don’t engage you in the same way. There are so many books of infinite genres that can take you out of that mindset, from online PDFs to paperbacks. 

Work Out 

Even an activity that is as simple as walking could really help alleviate some of the stress you’re experiencing. Many people make it a ritual of hitting the gym come exam time and they’re not wrong. Not only does the workout place you in a different, fresher mindset, it also helps to make your body feel more refreshed and awake. In this way, you will be able to focus more on the material that you are trying to study. 

Good luck with your exams, Golden Hawks — and remember to take of yourself and your mental health!