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Courses We Wish Were Offered in University

Although universities and colleges offer a variety of courses, there are some courses that are not offered that many university-aged students would 100% benefit from. We have created a list of those courses that aren’t offered, but we would all be better off being enrolled in.

Banking for Dummies

This course offers a guide for someone whose dad has done their banking their whole lives! Concepts include deposits, withdrawals, how to write a cheque, a guide to student loans, the basics behind interest rates and much more! 

Healthy Relationships 101

This course offers a wide range of strategies and methods to keep your blossoming relationship a healthy one! This includes sex ed and the positions you should be trying, lube brands for you, how to know if you’re in a toxic relationship, etc.

Course Readings: How to Spot A Fuckboy (Available online and in store)

How to Stay Alive 

This course can range anywhere from basic CPR training, what to do when your friend has blacked out, how to keep yourself healthy during flu season and how to fight a seasonal cold. 

Healthy Eating

This is the course to take if you’re worried about that freshman 15. Course content will include healthy eating on a budget, a guide to what to eat in the dining hall, how to fight the McDonalds urge and the best healthy munch food around.

Write My Resume

An overall guide to being employable. This will include resumé writing, interview skills, what to wear to an interview and how to be presentable after a long night out. This course is great for getting ready to apply to jobs and not embarrassing yourself while doing so!

Proper Etiquette

This course is recommended to those of you who burp really loudly in public. This course offers lessons on proper posture, how to know which fork to use, how to pick the deodorant for you and the importance of brushing your teeth before bed.

Social Media Safety

This course provides guidelines on how to properly, safely and smartly use all social media platforms. This will include setting your privacy settings to where they should be, especially when job hunting begins. Other content will include how to spot a catfish, ways to not rely on social media in your everyday life, what information you can and cannot provide your tinder matches with and the true qualifications for swiping right.

Stress Management 

This course is recommended to everyone, considering stress is the most common thing you’ll find yourself feeling while at university. This course includes the pros to owning a colouring book, how the gym can calm your nerves, study tips, how to make a study schedule and much more.

Living Alone 

This course is for those students who are living on their own for the first time! In this class, students will be taught how to do laundry, the details of running a dishwasher, appliance cleaning 101 and how to make a bed! 

The courses offered at schools today are amazing and students are truly thriving and benefitting with their help! These are just a few courses and descriptions that we think would help a little bit too! 

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