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Best Netflix Films to Help You Procrastinate During Midterm Season

Let’s be real: you’re reading this article instead of studying for your upcoming midterms. Don’t worry, girl, I’m in the same boat! Being the queen of procrastinating, I’ve come up with a list of some of the best procrastination films that are currently streaming on Netflix to help you stay smiling during the midterm season.

1. Bird Box

Wondering what all those memes and “bird box challenges” are all about? This movie gave me nightmares, so make sure to watch it with a buddy!

2. Twilight

What could possibly be a better love story than Twilight? Nothing like vampires, werewolves and a teenage girl who doesn’t show any emotions on her face. This teen classic will have you binge-watching the entire series.

3. American Pie

This early 2000s teen classic will have you re-living your high school glory days — perhaps with a less awkward interaction with your father in the kitchen.

4. My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Opa! Nothing like good music, food and over-the-top family interactions. This timeless classic will have you wondering if you too are related to Alexander the Great. Whether you relate to this movie culturally, or just want to have some laughs, this movie is perfect for your procrastination!

5. Bad Neighbours

Zac Efron and Seth Rogen living beside each other in the suburbs? Sounds like a wild time! This movie will provide you with endless laughs during your study time.

6. The Hangover

A bachelor party gone wrong — what isn’t hilarious about that? Watching the antics that this group of guys get themselves into will definitely brighten up your day — and perhaps give you some wild ideas for your next trip to Vegas.

7. The Hunger Games

You need a good cry? This is the series to do it. Perhaps I’m a little too emotional — but, regardless, this is a great series to watch! There are five movies, so you know you’ll have an excuse to watch over eight hours of films instead of studying. You’re welcome.

Good luck on your upcoming midterms! Do your best, but also remember to take a break or two every so often — Happy Watching!


Jovanka, better known as Joja, is a fourth-year History & Medieval/Medievalism Studies Student at Wilfrid Laurier University. Her passions include both Canadian & Balkan politics/history, education, and extra-curricular activities on campus. She is also an avid Medievalist and most likely will spend too much of your time talking about it. Despite standing at solid five-foot-two inches tall, she's actually pretty easy to spot! Most likely you will find her in the library, or socializing with fellow classmates on campus!
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