6 Reasons You Need to Join HCWLU

“There’s a place for you here.” A welcoming phrase that could comfort anyone. Head to wlu.ca, and those six words will be some of the first you see. As you read further on that homepage, you learn more about the community that drew so many of us students to this school, and that helps us call it our home away from home. Laurier has so much to offer beyond just a degree. Coming to university is the perfect opportunity to get involved and meet new people. Not quite sure how you want to do that? Consider Her Campus!

1. Meeting New People

Her Campus Wilfrid Laurier is an online publication that puts out articles that appeal to the student body’s female population, but we also do a lot more, running events and maintaining a presence in the Laurier community. In order to do all that, we have a fairly large team of writers, editors, event planners and marketers! Within HCWLU, you’ll be able to meet people you’d never have been exposed to otherwise – people in other majors and years, with a completely different circle than your own. It’s really cool to be a part of something where so many different people are able to come together over a common interest, and that’s something Her Campus can offer you.

2. Learning New Skills

When applying for HCWLU, you’ll be applying for one of four teams (writing, editing, events or marketing), but once accepted, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about a variety of topics that relate to teams other than just your own. We have workshops on marketing techniques, improving as a writer, planning events and more. One of our goals as a club is to teach our members as much as possible in their time with us, so that they end up with a new skill set that can then be applied to enrich other aspects of their lives.

3. Expressing Yourself

One of the best things about HCWLU is that all of our members are so different. Some love fashion and following all the latest trends, some love gaming, some love to workout, and some are huge movie buffs. We encourage our members to tap into their passions as much as possible when with Her Campus. Want to write about the best books you read this summer? We’d love to hear all about them. Want to organize a Zumba class? We’re all for it! If you’re interested in something, chances are other students on campus are too, so we love to find fun ways to incorporate those interests into what we do.

4. Gaining Valuable Experience

Want to make your LinkedIn profile stand out from the rest? Her Campus can help with that! Her Campus is a major magazine, and being able to say that you are writing, editing, event planning or marketing for a Her Campus chapter can make your resume pop. It’s not that often that you get to interact so closely with such an esteemed company, so this opportunity is quite unique.

5. Lots of Networking

In addition to being a stellar resume booster, Her Campus can introduce you to individuals in your future career field who can help you reach your goals. Within our chapter, there are a lot of people who aspire to make a career of marketing, event planning, writing and more – and these are people who could let you know about job opportunities or act as a reference for you in the future! Even beyond our chapter, there are ways to get involved and meet other ambitious people. Her Campus offers internships that more often than not require having experience with a Her Campus chapter; in those internships, you’re working directly with professionals from HC and other go-getter interns. People who’ve contributed to Her Campus have gone on to work for a wide array of online publications, so it can be what launches your career.

6. Getting Involved at Laurier

HCWLU is a great way to make the most of your time at Laurier. We love to plan events and collaborate with other groups on campus; past partners have included WLU Film Society and Laurier Association of Planners and Stationers! We also try to give back to the community as much as possible, and have raised money for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, Humane Society and other great causes. And, when we aren’t enjoying our own awesome events, we’re attending the events of other clubs and of the Students’ Union! We love being a part of the Laurier community, and take advantage of every opportunity we get to meet new people.

Think Her Campus Wilfrid Laurier is right up your alley? Well you’re in luck, because we’re hiring team members for the upcoming Fall term! You can find position descriptions, frequently asked questions and application forms HERE. We’re so excited for all the things to come this term and would love for you to be a part of it!