Her Campus Wilfrid Laurier is Hiring!

Have you ever read one of our articles, heard of our events, or seen our posts and thought to yourself, “I want to be a part of that!” Well, you’re in luck, because Her Campus Wilfrid Laurier is hiring members for the Fall 2019 semester. Get your application in by September 10th, 2019 if you want to get involved with the #1 online publication geared towards collegiettes!

Are you considering joining us this semester? Then, check out this guide to learn more about us and find the application forms!

What is Her Campus Wilfrid Laurier?

Her Campus Wilfrid Laurier is one of over 300 chapters belonging to Her Campus’ chapter network. We provide opportunities for students to build connections and gain experience not only within the Laurier community, but also within the larger Her Campus community. Former contributors to Her Campus have been offered jobs and internships at a variety of esteemed online publications, and is a great place to launch a career in journalism, editing, event planning or marketing. Even for those not looking to pursue any of the aforementioned careers, Her Campus is a great way to try new things and meet hardworking individuals - all while having plenty of fun!

Who can join Her Campus?

Any undergraduate student attending Laurier at the Waterloo campus can join Her Campus, regardless of their program or year. And, while the content we produce is targeted towards women, we encourage applications from anyone and everyone who is interested in joining us, regardless of gender orientation.

What positions are you hiring for?

Her Campus Wilfrid Laurier has four teams that we are currently looking to fill!


Our writers are the people creating the engaging content that gets published to our site every week. Writers are expected to contribute at least one 450+ word article every week of the term. Writers respond to the co-presidents, Rebecca Courteau and Sarah McCann, as well as the Head Editor, Sophia Cole. If you are passionate about sharing your thoughts and opinions, this is the role for you!

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Our editors are the people working behind the scenes to ensure that the content that we publish is of the best quality possible. Editors check the articles of their 3-5 assigned writers for spelling, grammar, clarity and formatting. The editing team is overlooked by our Head Editor, Sophia Cole. If you like the idea of contributing to the publication aspect of Her Campus, without the pressure of writing every week, the editing team could be the perfect team for you!

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Our events team is responsible for planning and executing all of our socials and events - duh! Every semester, the events team pulls off internal socials for team bonding, external events to engage the Laurier community, and charity events to give back as much as possible. The events team responds to Erin Dooley, Director of Events. If you’re always coming up with creative things to do with your friends, you’re the kind of person we’d love to have join our events team.

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The marketing team focuses on reaching students of the Laurier community, whether that be through contests and giveaways, concourse booths or social media posts. Our ideal marketing team would be filled with creatives with plenty of tricks up their sleeves. The marketing team is overseen by our Director of Marketing, Rachel Radice. If you know all the best times to post on Instagram, can graphic design like no one’s business, know of the perfect clubs for Her Campus to collab with or have the perfect plan to set up an eye-catching booth, you’d be perfect for our marketing team.

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Do I need to have experience to join?

No, you don’t! Her Campus prides itself in being a place where students can gain experience, take risks and acquire new skills. Our main priority when looking at applications is to identify people who are creative and passionate about what they would be doing with us. That said, if you do have experience already, that definitely doesn’t hurt, and we'd love to hear about it!

Can I join multiple teams?

At this time, we only allow members to officially join one team. That said, there are ways to contribute to teams other than your own. For example, all members are welcome (and encouraged!) to write, so long as they’ve taken care of their team responsibilities. And, if you have any ideas for events or marketing, all you need to do is talk to the head of that section, and they’ll get you pointed in the right direction!

What is the time commitment to join Her Campus Wilfrid Laurier?

Our entire team gets together once a week for meetings, where we touch base and plan for the week ahead. We also have occasional events and workshops spread out over the semester. When it comes to personal responsibilities (writing, editing, etc.), those can be done individually, meaning those tasks can conveniently be fit into your schedule and completed at your own speed.

Is there a cost associated to join?

Nope, not directly! Her Campus Wilfrid Laurier does not charge team members a fee to join, thanks to the funding we receive through the Arts Undergraduate Society. That said, since we do receive funding through the AUS, anyone wishing to join must have payed the Undergraduate Faculty Association Fee for Social Programming. If helping with planning events or marketing campaigns, team members may be asked to purchase items on the club’s behalf, but those purchases will be reimbursed.

Why should I join Her Campus Wilfrid Laurier?

Her Campus Wilfrid Laurier is a great way to gain new skills that you can’t find elsewhere, and also helps you to meet new people. It’s a totally unique experience that you won’t get out of any other club on campus! If you want to make your university experience memorable and interesting, you should join HCWLU.

Have any further questions? Don’t hesitate to email our co-presidents at [email protected] or contact us on social media.

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