20 Ways The Office Describes Your Midterm Season

You blinked and the semester is already half over, and you already have exams… Where did the time go?

1. Exam season is back… and you know it’s going to be really hard.

2. You’re probably wondering how you have even learned enough to write your exams and papers.

The lectures you missed probably did not help.


3. You look over your lecture notes and begin wondering where you have been for the last month and a half. 

4. Some of your friends are telling you that they have written all of their papers and already created study notes for every class they are in.

“And how do I become smart like you?”

5. You start writing your papers and completing your assignments.

6. You realize that you are paying a fortune to be stressed out and you begin to wonder if it’s worth it.

7. You consider how much you could travel with all of your tuition money.


8. Your mom asks how everything is going and you tell her that you’re busy, but you will be fine.

You’re really in a glass case of emotion, but you don’t want her to worry. 

9. Some of your friends/roommates don’t have any exams so they keep bugging you to go out.

10. And you probably give in.


11. And if you don’t give in, they give you FOMO*.

*Fear Of Missing Out*

12. You feel like every one of your friends is planning a vacation to somewhere warm.

And all you can afford is to bus home to your parents.


13. You feel like it is now time to buckle down and get everything done.

14. You know you are not going to let love distract you from your studies.

Valentine’s Day is stupid anyways.

15. You are trying to avoid wasting time on social media.

16. You have definitely been stress eating.

Ugh, food is the best.

17. And you feel like you haven’t had any human contact in days.

It has probably only been 2 hours but time is OBVIOUSLY subjective.

18. You try to be the best and most intelligent version of yourself, because getting an education is super important.


19. You know all your hard work will pay off.

And have confidence like Kelly Kapoor. 


20. And you will kill it.


Good luck and enjoy your spring break!!