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12 Things Every Morning Person Knows Too Well

So you’re a morning person. Congratulations, your life is great, but being up at the daybreak does have a few downfalls. Lucky for you, I’ve cumulated a list of 12 things that are just too real if you’re a morning person.

1. Sleeping in is Not an Option

Whether you naturally cannot sleep in, or set your alarm at the break of dawn, sleeping in is not an option. Waking up at 9 is considered sleeping in, and even then you’re half panicked because you’ve already wasted an hour of the day. 

2. Naps are a Thing

Waking up early most certainly has its perks, and napping is one. In mid afternoon, you’d like nothing better than to hop back into your bed and have a mid-day power nap so you can make it through the rest of the day. 

3. Coffee is a Lifestyle

Okay, okay, I know not everyone is an avid coffee addict, but for most morning people, coffee is one of life’s necessities. How else do you think I achieve all this by 8am? 

4.  7PM Exams = Death

You’d way rather have an 8:30am or 12:00pm exam than a 7:00pm exam any day. By 7:00pm, you’re mentally over the whole exam and your brain has already done nearly 12 hours of work. At least with an 8:30am exam you have the majority of the day to spend doing other productive things! Your biggest concern with this is not making it to the end of the exam without falling asleep, and if you do so successfully you’ll likely be sound asleep 10 minutes after getting back home.

5. You’ve Been Called “Grandma”

While this may be true, I’m never offended. If I could be up at 7 everyday and asleep before 10, I would be a happy girl. Those 8 (or 10) hours of sleep are god sent; no wonder grandmas are so happy in the morning! Also, it’s a fact that grandmas make the best cookies, so you can’t lose.

6.  You’ve Mastered Tip-Toeing

Being the first one up in your house has its downfalls. Your wake up time is often seen as an ungodly hour by your friends and roommates, so you typically spend the first 1, 2, or 3 (maybe 4, 5?) hours of your day tip-toeing to and from the kitchen, bathroom, laundry-room trying not to wake any of your housemates.

7. Nobody Cares When You Go To Bed

Although you might tip-toe around your house until the rest of the world wakes up, nobody is going to tip-toe around your room when you’re trying to sleep at 10 or 11pm. Don’t ask me why these rules don’t apply for everyone, I just know they don’t. Also, when you go out, you’d like nothing more than to be home at midnight, or 1am at the latest, but, for some night owls the night doesn’t start until you’d like to be in bed so you’ve got to just grin and bear it

8. You’re a Personal Alarm Clock

Once your friends catch onto the fact that you’re up at 7am, you become the go-to personal alarm clock. Having to call a few of your friends in the morning isn’t something new or uncommon.

9. Morning Nature is a Gift

If you’re fortunate enough to wake up to raindrops on your window, birds chirping, or the sound of waves on the beach (okay, I’m dreaming), you already know that your day is going be great.

10. A Second Breakfast isn’t Unordinary

If you eat a breakfast at 7am, you’re already hungry by 11am, but it’s not quite lunchtime so you get to indulge in breakfast round two. If you have to do brunch, it’s not unusual for you to have a pre-brunch breakfast. 

11. You’re Really Good with Parents

You’re probably wondering where on Earth this fact came from, but let me tell you it’s scientifically proven (by me). Think about it, at every sleepover you attended you were the first one awake. Likely, the first few sleepovers you attended you pretended to be asleep (as if you had a phone to occupy you) until the next person woke up, but sooner or later you got hungry and just went into your friends kitchen and hung out with whoever else was awake (parents). You’re just more experienced.

12. Your Outfit and Makeup is Pulled Together

You’ve got plenty of time to pull together an adorable outfit in the morning, perfect your makeup routine, paint your nails, and have flawless hair. Sure, you might not do this most mornings, but it definitely is a perk on those days you want to look like the queen you are. 

Alright, so being a morning person has more perks than faults. You’re a fantastic human and your sleeping habits make you seem super adult (even if it’s the only adult thing about you). Working on trying to become a morning person? Click here!

Jenna Steadman

Wilfrid Laurier

4th year Psychology major at Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo ON.
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