Winter Skin Care Must-Haves

Winters in London can be very harsh with temperatures reaching -25 degrees at night. Just as we wear parkas and hats to keep us warm, we need to protect our skin from the wind and cold temperatures! My skin gets flakey and dry through November until March so I follow these tips to achieve hydrated glowy skin all year round!


This is my number one tip for people with dry skin or just suffer from dull skin in the winter time. Moisturizers not only help prevent flakey or uneven redness they also bring more life into your skin by making your face look dewier and less tense around your forehead and mouth. I moisturize my face twice daily after cleansing my skin with a sensitive cleanser to not irritate my skin too much. Even if you have oily skin, moisturizer is a must to ensure you are not producing too much oil which is what happens if you do not apply moisturizer.  

Dr. Eric Schweiger, the founder of Schweiger Dermatology Group ​in New York City, says that moisturizer is still recommended for people with oily skin because your pores are typically larger and produce more oil if your skin dries out from lack of moisture. Hydration is important for everyone no matter your skin type. So of course, drinking water is also important if you feel your skin starting to flake. Moisturizing has also been proven to help your skin age better in the future and who doesn’t want that? I personally find that when my skin is moisturized and hydrated it looks more dewy and healthy throughout the day, creating a more youthful look.


I exfoliate at least once every two weeks in the winter. I use a scrub as opposed to the lighter exfoliant that I use in the summer to rid my face of dead skin.  Some experts recommend once a week but I personally find that it strips too much of my natural oils if I use an intense scrub once a week. If you have very dry skin, you may find it helpful to exfoliate once a week. Bring the exfoliating scrub down your neck to prevent flakey or rough patches in visible areas.


Serums and facial oils became a necessary addition to my skin care routine in the fall and winter when the temperature starts to drop and the wind picks up. Night serums especially help hydrate your skin overnight and regenerate while you sleep. I prefer a nighttime serum so it doesn’t interfere with my makeup routine in the morning. However, you can use a serum whenever you prefer!

Water-Based Products

On top of using these few tips I also recommend using water-based products like Dr. Jarts Water Drop Moisturizer ($45.00).  This product specifically has been a lifesaver for me this fall and is ultra hydrating especially on wind-blown dry skin. You can also use a water-based cleanser. I recommend Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser ($34.00) that is recommended for oily skin. Water-based is not necessarily for dry or oily skin specifically but is also great for adding extra hydration into your routine in the drier and colder months.                                               

                                                  Source                                                                      Source

Products I recommend for Dry Skin:

  1. Origins Overnight Mask ($35.00) - This product is amazing. In a study of 100 people, 75% said they saw quick results of hydrated skin over a 10 day period. This product is also considered to be a clean product which means it is verified as not including parabens, formaldehyde-releasing agents and sulfates! So all the good stuff and none of the bad harsh chemicals.


  1. Clinique Ultra Dry Moisturizer ($72.00) - I would recommend any Clinique moisturizer because they are all very hydrating and many contain aloe, making your skin feel very relaxed relieving tightness. I also like Clinique products because many of them contain SPF which is essential in winter by protecting your skin from UV rays that still shine through cloudy days.


  1. Fresh Rose Toner ($54.00) - Toners are known for drying out your skin and helping control oil, however, they can also be used for hydration when they are made with the right ingredients. This toner is alcohol-free so it does not dry out your skin as much as other toners do but still has all the benefits of a toner with added hydration. This toner can also be used as a setting spray or a refresh throughout the day to wake up your skin.


These tips might not work for everyone's skin type, however, this is what works for me and what has been recommended to me! Hopefully these tips help you achieve your dream dewy winter skin!

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