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Starbucks Orders To Reduce Stress and Anxiety

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Western chapter.

Many university students battle with daily stressors that can produce anxiety. While we cannot control many of these stressors, some we can. For example, one that is often overlooked is caffeine. A staple in the morning (or night) routines of many university students, caffeine can actually do more harm than good to your body and mind—especially in relation to stress and anxiety. Caffeine can trigger anxiety by producing symptoms such as headaches, nervousness, insomnia, and indigestion. As university students, there is no need to add additional stress triggers into our daily routines—so, next time you’re at Starbucks, consider reaching for one of these stress-reducing, caffeine-free options!

1. Passion Tea Tango Lemonade

This cold drink is infused with calming hibiscus and lemongrass as an antioxidant. Swapping your usual coffee for this drink will reduce your caffeine intake and can even provide potential health benefits, such as boosting liver health and decreasing blood pressure according to Healthline!

2. Peach Tranquility 

Infused with chamomile (my personal favourite to aid in relaxation), and rosehips (which can help as an immune system booster), this zero-sugar tea is sure to be a step in the right direction for any student looking for a caffeine-free swap in their daily drink routine!

3. Mint Majesty

This caffeine-free herbal tea combines mint and lemon verbena to produce a great drink that can aid in helping any digestive disorders which are often a symptom of anxiety. Some even swear by it as part of their nighttime routine to help them fall asleep!

Back to school means back to stress for many of us who struggle with feeling overwhelmed and anxious. Being aware of possible contributing factors to stress can help us to better manage our anxiety levels during the school year. It’s always helpful to know your triggers, and to be aware that caffeine can be one of them!

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Marina Laic

Western '25

Marina is an outgoing and adventurous second-year student at the University of Western Ontario. She is an avid reader of poetry, loves to go to the gym, sings, and spends all of her free time with her pet chihuahua Beans. Writing interests include wellness, self-help and empowerment.