Reflecting On My Time as CC of Her Campus Western

I joined Her Campus Western (HCW) in my third year, the fall of 2016. While I enjoyed my first two years at Western, they hadn’t been as great as I would have liked. A messy friendship breakup, a bad roommate and changing my program from something I’d dreamed of since high school all left me feeling a little lost. Coming from a small high school where I had always known everyone, I was really feeling the loss of a sense of community. I tried joining other clubs, but they hadn’t worked out and while I had a great boyfriend and some good friends, I was feeling a bit lonely. Then I heard about Her Campus Western. From the minute I stepped into our first meeting, I felt immediately welcomed. Here was a group of like-minded girls from all over Western’s campus united by one thing: a love of writing. Her Campus Western allowed me to exercise my creative side, something I hadn’t done since high school, enabling me to write about all sorts of topics, from grief and my father’s death, to sexual assault and consent, to my never-ending love of Gilmore Girls.

Her Campus Western has given me a platform to share my thoughts and writing, but it has been so much more than that. It has made me a better writer and a better feminist. It has helped shape me into a leader, empowered me to use my voice, and given me a place where I feel truly accepted. It has allowed me to meet some of my best friends who I know I will still have long after my time at Western.

The more I learned about our chapter and, the more eager I was to continue to get involved. I became a junior editor for the chapter that year and served as our VP Communications the year after. I also got involved at the national level, becoming a Chapter Advisor, where I mentor several chapters from across the Her Campus chapter network, and a Region Leader, where I lead a team of Chapter Advisors from all over the world. This year, I had the great honour of becoming co-Campus Correspondent (CC) and President of Her Campus Western, alongside my partner-in-crime and all things HC, Maggie Gauthier.

Becoming CC of Her Campus Western has been a dream of mine since I joined the chapter as that shy, lonely third year in 2016. I love everything about the chapter and I am so proud of everything that Maggie and I have done over the past 12 months. From recruiting new members from so many different programs, to meeting and exceeding weekly National requirements, to planning fun events for our chapter, I have loved every step of the way. This position has truly enriched my life in ways I could have never imagined, and I feel so lucky to have had this experience.

To our writers, both old and new, thank you for joining the chapter or continuing to be part of it this year. The response to our member applications this year was far beyond what Maggie and I could have ever imagined and I’m so happy that so many people got to experience Her Campus Western just like I did. I have loved getting to know you, reading your articles, and watching you grow as writers this year. I hope that your time in the chapter has been as positive as mine was and that you choose to come back next year if you’ll still be at Western. You’re an amazing group of strong, intelligent women and I am a better person after working with and knowing you this year.

To our exec team, thank you for all of your work this year. All of you have worked so hard while also balancing school, work and other life commitments and that means so much to me. Thank you for supporting Maggie and I every step of the way this year and always helping out when we needed a hand. This chapter would be nothing without all of you, and it has been amazing getting to know and working alongside you this year.

And to Maggie, my other half. I am so proud of everything that we have accomplished together this year. We came into the role with some big plans and ideas and I think this year has turned out better than we expected. Being a CC isn’t always an easy job, but knowing that I had your unwavering support made it that much easier. Thank you for giving me an outlet to vent when I needed one, helping me to find my voice when I felt too shy to speak and accepting my anxious, neurotic self wholeheartedly. We’ve come a long way from first meeting at that pre in 2016 and this experience has truly changed our friendship for the better. I know I’m not always good at expressing my emotions, but just know that you are one of my closest friends and I can’t imagine my life without you in it. As we finish our undergrads this year, enter the real world and go our separate ways, I know that I have a lifelong friend in you and I hope you know that you will always have a place in London with me (and Stuart and Stan).

HCW has become part of my home here at Western, so much so that it’s hard to leave...which is why I’m not. As I continue my academic journey at Western next year, I’m so happy that I also get to continue my time with Her Campus Western. Her Campus Western means the world to me, and I’m so excited to see where we take the chapter next.

See you in the fall!



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