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Reasons Why Living a Simple Life is a Happy Life

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Western chapter.

Less Equals More

Living life simply is as good as it gets. People tend to think living a life that requires constant fulfillment through shopping, gossiping, status or other forms of drama will lead to happiness, but it usually leaves an unorganized mess that we have created for ourselves. Living a simple life has many benefits because it relaxes your mind and creates a barrier for unnecessary stress, but it all depends on the decisions you make. Therefore, I will be here to help you make the RIGHT ones.

  1. Surround yourself with people who make you feel the most you. In other words, be friends with people who challenge you in a positive way and refrain from people who make you feel constantly stressed, anxious and uncomfortable. The people you hang out with most of the time represent who you are, which means making the right friends will brighten your future.

  2. Realistically, in college or university, this is the proper terminology “party hard, study harder” I know, I know. I killed it — but this is the truth — if you party hard all the time, forgetting your priorities will lead to consequences like failing your courses, upsetting your loved ones, unhealthy circumstances and at the end of the day, you will disappoint yourself. So stay focused, know your priorities, have a planner and balance your time out so you have an organized mindset.

  3. Control your desire to spend money on unnecessary things. Students usually have a tight budget — this means you have to control your spending —if you spend too much, you will be stressed about your credit card bill. It is important to minimize your desires to buy unnecessary things because when you get home, do you even love the newly bought clothes or did you buy it in the state of temptation?

  4. Have food dates with your friends and avoid going out too much. Having brunch, breakfast or dinner at a cool restaurant with your lovely friends is a great idea because you are spending quality time with them, which is simple but nice. Avoid basing your friendships on going out all the time because it’s not a quality hangout and that results in an aftermath of a nasty hangover. In addition, it will lead to a lack of motivation to accomplish your goals. What I’m saying is, have a going out night once in awhile, but also make time to have simple and light-hearted moments with your friends.

  5. Control your alcohol intake. Too much partying can sometimes be fun, but think about the morning after: you will feel tired, your brain will be fuzzy and you’ll lack the motivation to get stuff done, which will often lead to falling into the cycle of an unorganized lifestyle.

  6. Enjoy the time being spent by yourself. This means having a relaxed evening by yourself; doing what you love in your spare time, such as watching your favorite show on Netflix, giving yourself a makeover or listening to your favorite tunes. In my opinion, this will only work if you’re stress-free; in other words, when your life is simple.

You should always have a balance between your social life and study life, then you will master the art of having an organized lifestyle. And be sure to remember that simplicity is important.

A fourth year Western student double majoring in MIT and Visual Arts who has a voice to contribute her beliefs and attitudes through writing. A lover for animals, Cafe Americanos, fashion, Ed Sheeran, and casually enjoy dancing in her room to the funkiest pop replays.
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