Not Today Bon Iver: A Fall Playlist

Although the rain may be a dread to walk to class in, you can’t deny that cold weather and chill tunes make for a wave of feels like no other. I’ve been searching all over Spotify for that one playlist that pinpoints the exact feeling of wanting to cuddle inside next to the fire while sipping on some good ole’ chai tea. But everytime, I run into Bon Iver.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Bon Iver as much the next autumn lovin’ gal. At the same time, I feel like he’s become too generic and bland. Despite having heard “Holocene” in every playlist, how many of us really know all the lyrics to the song? For example, did you know there’s a lyric in the first verse that says, “You're in Milwaukee, off your feet?” Nope, me neither.

For all of our fall playlists’ sanity, I’ve decided to curate a collection of songs that should get your Bon Iver -esque vibes going, without the whole Bon Iver part. This is best listened to on your morning walks to campus, when you’re grinding it out at Weldon, or people watching on the LTC (I do this all the time, please tell me that I’m not the only one). Hopefully this playlist gets you through exams and carries on with you for a while. Feel free to check out the rest of these artists’ songs; they really are incredible.

Pro-tip: Listen in order and don’t skip parts in the songs to try to find the “good part.” Enjoy those rainy vibes!

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