Feel Good Music To Calm Anxiety

Music has the power to alter moods—it can increase energy, relax or calm anxiety. I have curated a playlist that I’ve discovered over the years that helps me with my anxiety. I listen to these songs whenever I feel upset, and they have never failed to calm me down. For full effect, consider listening to the playlist in order. Hopefully, the variety of rhythms and progression of slow to fast songs will brighten your mood. Happy folk music is played near the end to ease you into a happier mindset. The very last song is called “Pretty Girl” by Maggie Lindemann to remind you just how badass and courageous you really are.

As a university student, these songs help me cope with bad emotional hangovers. Have you ever felt so down and depressed the morning after a night of heavy drinking? While this playlist certainly won’t cure your hangovers, it will certainly help you cope. Personally, the soft tunes and lyrics help to connect with me emotionally because the throwback acoustic music creates a safe and comforting space. So, get in your jammies and robe, tie back your hair, take off last night’s makeup, and listen in a space (perhaps your room) where you can be yourself. Enjoy!

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