Clubs Spotlight: Western Trivia Club

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This week we sat down with Cara Campbell, VP Communications of the Western Trivia Club!

Western Trivia Club is a club where members get together to partake in a variety of trivia games including Quizbowl, Jeopardy and pub style trivia.

1. What’s your role in the club?

“As VP Communications, I am responsible for most of the communication from the executive team to the people. I sent out the initial welcome email to our general members who signed up during clubs week and I post the biweekly meeting reminders in our Facebook group. It is also my responsibility to respond to emails throughout the year, whether they come from individuals who missed us at clubs week who are expressing interest in joining the club or coordinating correspondence between our executive team and other clubs to collaborate for events. I also, along with our other executive members, take part in leading the meetings in an engaging manner for our general members.”

          Photos provided by Western Trivia Club.

2. What’s one initiative your club is undertaking this year that you’re excited about?

“One exciting initiative we undertook this year is a collaboration with another Western club. The Western Trivia Club had an interactive trivia booth at the Taiwanese Association of Western’s (TAW) Night Market event in the Mustang Lounge on Thursday, March 21. For our booth we prepared Taiwanese and East-Asian themed trivia questions in different categories like food, geography, history, culture, etc. Participants would spin a wheel to randomly determine the category for their question, but they could also attempt as many questions as they wanted to, spinning for a new category each time. We also had guava flavoured candies to give out to each person who participated. It was a very fun event and we hope to collaborate with TAW again next year! Trivia Club is very open to collaborating with other clubs at Western for various trivia style events and I hope for there to be more opportunities for similar collaborations in the future.”

3. Why should people join your club?

“People who are interested in learning new things, knowing things for the sake of knowing them and showing off what they already know should join Trivia Club. I have friends who have been hesitant to attend trivia events because they think that they won’t know any answers, but that’s not the case at all. While we do go through a lot of academic trivia questions, we cater to a wider audience as well since we also frequently go through “trash” packs of trivia questions (“trash” being the umbrella term for the sets of questions inclusive of pop culture, sports, television and movies, popular music, sometimes memes and more). That’s one of the great things about the trivia question packs; one can never know for sure what sorts of questions will be asked! And you know those types of things that you know or learn, either in class or just in life itself, but have no idea why it’s something you would need to know? Trivia Club provides an environment to make use of that knowledge. In trivia, it’s all relevant!”

4. What opportunities are there for people to get involved with your club?

“We have two meetings every week that all of our members are welcome to attend. They have been on Mondays and Wednesdays this year, but we have also done Mondays and Thursdays in the past. We take into consideration how everyone has different class schedules, so we find that having two meetings per week, on different nights, provides everyone a chance to come out at least once a week. No meetings are mandatory, so members don’t ever have to attend or come out to a particular number of meetings, but I find that it’s nice to have a consistent meeting schedule and that Trivia Club gatherings provide fun social breaks from studying.

Each year in March we have the standard executive elections to vote in the executive team members (President, VP Communications, VP Finance, VP Events, VP Recruitment) for the following year. Current club members can get more involved in the leadership side of the club and planning events by running for one of these positions of power. Then, in the fall, after clubs week, we advertise the First Year Representative position for our executive team and have interested applicants interview for the position so that new members have a chance to be involved with the executive team right away.”

Speed Round:

Tims or Starbucks: Starbucks

Go to Spoke Order: Dark roast coffee (black, no sugar) + asiago sourdough bagel with spinach & feta cream cheese

Fave London Party Spot: Ceeps

Study Spot: The Spoke on a Sunday evening

Fave London Restaurant: The Root Cellar

King Richie's, yes or no? Heck yes!

To find out more about Western Trivia Club, you can join their Facebook group.

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