The 6 Saje Products You Need

It’s no secret, I love Saje. Walking into the store is like walking into the spa—instantly calming. All of their products are 100% natural and plant-derived which even makes you sort-of kinda feel good about dropping $80 on a couple of items. While the prices are a bit high, the quality is good (in my opinion) and the products are effective.

Here are some of my favourites that are perfect gifts for the upcoming holiday season:

Head Cold:

Have a stuffy nose? The common cold? Roll this on the areas which you are experiencing problems (nose/chest etc.), and feel some relief! It is not a permanent solution, but it definitely relieves pain and soothes congestion.

Price: $20


Shut Eye:

I don’t know about you, but I have an issue with light when I am sleeping, especially when traveling and hotel rooms have a million little lights on and drapes that never close properly. This mask is the best I have ever tried. It has a velcro strap at the back to adjust to fit your head, and is soft and fluffy on the inside. Most importantly, it blocks out all light. It also comes with a clay insert to use hot or cold on your eyes.

Price: $13



The Aromagem is the nebulizer that I have. What it does is dispens fragrance and water into the room. You put 10-15 drops of your favourite essential oil, with water filled to the line then press the button, and voila! You are ready to go. Its like you are living at the spa. I like to run this throughout the day, in my room, when I am home—especially in the winter when the air gets very dry, it’s nice to add some moisture into the air.

Price: $75


Quick Study:

This is a diffuser blend that claims to help you focus. I’m not sure if it is in my head, or if it truly does work, but I find that this does help. When at home studying, I like to put this in my nebulizer and get to work. For some reason, it really does help me not get as distracted. My roommates even love when I put it in! Try it for yourself and let me know if I’m just crazy, or if it works for you too.

Price: $20


Safe Hands:

Safe hands is a hand sanitizer in the form of a cream. I love this for the winter because usually hand sanitizer contains a lot of alcohol, which can be very drying. By having the dual purpose of cleaning and moisturizing, my hands stay clean and soft throughout rough winter days.

Price: $10



The Relax-O-Ring feels fabulous running up and down fingers. Especially during this time of  year when we are all writing thousands of essays and studying for finals, this ring really relieves pressure. My brother suffers from carpal tunnel, and uses this when it is acting up. It is not a cure for anything, but it helps with short-term relief.

Price: $5