5 Remedies for the Back to School Blues

It’s that time of year again, when everyone begins to make that awkward transition from having bright faces and glimmering eyes to looking like walkers from The Walking Dead. And no, I’m not talking about the transition to adulthood. I mean the dreaded and horribly contagious back to school blues.

Remedy 0.5: Browse GIFs. Like this one.

Fear not! These blues can easily be cured with a few simple remedies.

1. Hang out with your friends!

The best part about going back to school? Seeing your friends! Doesn’t matter where they’re from—university, high school, elementary, best-friends-from-the-womb, or even that hey-stranger-on-the-street-now-we’re-BFFs—find some time and grab a cup of coffee. Catch up, spill tea, or squeal about To All the Boys I Loved Before. Just don’t think about all that homework waiting for you back home!

Did that remind you of school? Oops.

2. Go on a stationery spree!

Now I don’t know about you, but looking at stationery cures all my blues! Organization is key for school. With all those pens, papers, calendars and planners, you’re already one step ahead, looking snazzy while you’re at it. The best part: there’s a great variety of stationery to choose from! Don’t like a design? Want a different colour? There’s always another! If you’re looking for some stationery to drown those blues and build up your collection, my favourites come from Chapters with their simple, yet elegant designs.

3. Read books!

Yes, you read that right. Books. Those dusty, ancient things sitting on the shelves of libraries, patiently waiting for a passerby. If you’re a romance fan, go grab the latest Twilight-esque novel (or Twilight too if that’s more your tune). Fantasy, science-fiction, comedy, non-fiction—they’ve got it all. Even if you’re not a reader, give it a shot. Think of it this way, it will definitely be more fun than those 50 pages of minuscule text you’ve been assigned!

4. Watch some Netflix!

Sometimes all you have to do is sit back and grab some popcorn. Boot up Netflix, chill with your emoji pillows and snuggle under the covers for a relaxing night of streaming videos. You can also mix-and-match these remedies however you want! Grab a friend and throw a midnight party for The Dragon Prince, or force that one friend who hasn’t watched Grey’s Anatomy to break records with some epic binge-watching.

5. Go out and enjoy yourself!

Sure, there’s homework, school, labs and quizzes. But, for one night, throw that all out the window and take some time for yourself. Because, above all, keeping yourself happy and healthy is the key to staying out of the blues!

Go out with your friends, your books, or even Netflix—yes, books and Netflix, we don’t judge. Grab a meal at a restaurant, light up the night with Spotify tunes, or have a Harry Potter-themed sleepover. Whatever it is you want to do, just do it!

Now, if those nasty back to school blues ever show up again, you know just what to do to get them out of you!

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