St. Ives’ Glow On The Go Sampling Bar and Products Review

From March 19 to 20, St. IvesGlow On The Go Sampling Bar was set up in front of Western’s University Community Centre (UCC) distributing samples to the student population. After receiving an exclusive sneak peek of the event and available products, I was very excited to see how Western students would react to the two-day event. If you want to read my product reviews on the items I tried, you can check them out at the bottom of the page.

Upon arriving mid-afternoon on the sunny first day of the sampling bar, there was a continuous steady line-up of students waiting for their personalized experience. Western student Angela Fontaine expressed her excitement with me as she stated that she waited for around 15 minutes before reaching the front of the line.

Once inside the makeshift makeup counter on the back of the promotional truck, I was greeted by two friendly brand ambassadors. As students themselves, their primary role is to be the middle person between brands that wish to market to students and the students who wish to receive these products.

All the staff appeared extremely knowledgeable on the products as they explained the difference between the varying sample options. There were three different lotions and three different exfoliators, each with a different level of cleanse.

For myself, I chose the deep cleanse exfoliant and blueberry acai lotion. As each of my choices were placed into sample containers and labeled with my name, I was pleasantly surprised with both the size of the portion and the steps that were taken to ensure proper cleanliness.

In addition to receiving personalized samples, each person was also given information sheets about their products (including the ingredient lists) and coupons for the available products.

Due to the entire experience being just a few minutes long per person, it is believed that over 400 students were able to participate in the sampling bar.

Overall, I would say the St. Ives’ Glow on the Go sampling bar at Western was a complete success and know that I—among many others—hope that brands will continue to branch out to university students in similar ways.

My Results:

As a result of participating in the Glow on the Go event, I was asked to sample some of St. Ives’ other products and was not disappointed by any of them.

I received the two products I had asked to sample—their apricot face scrub with a deep exfoliation,their blueberry, acai, chia seed oil body lotion—as well as their coconut and orchid softening body wash, and some cleanse and refresh cucumber wipes.

Despite having super sensitive skin and suffering from eczema, I found the apricot scrub to be less abrasive than other exfoliators I’d used in the past and appreciated the cleanse it gave me. It also allowed my makeup to go on much easier as it provided a soft, clean base.

I chose the body lotion primarily by scent (it smells amazing!) and recommendation from the St. Ives’ brand ambassadors. Nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoyed the texture and way it absorbed so quickly into my skin.

The body wash was also labeled as a softening product and the coconut ingredients left me silky smooth and, surprisingly, didn’t irritate my eczema at all.  

My favourite product of them all, though, was definitely the cleansing wipes. I am one of those people who hates taking off their makeup but these little wipes took my makeup off, left my face feeling moisturized, and made my skin glow. My only complaint was that the package says it takes off waterproof mascara while I definitely struggled at times to get it all off.

While some of these products (such as the exfoliant and the cleansing wipes) will become regulars in my routine, after being able to try some of the other St. Ives’ products, I will definitely be cashing in my coupons in the near future.

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